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    The last few years have seen a dramatic upswing in signed checks and legal documents as an area of collecting interest. This collection is extremely strong in this area with hundreds of documents authentically signed by some of the biggest celebrities of the past few decades. With a number of stars, this is the best way to obtain a "real" autograph- Paul Newman, Barbra Streisand & Rock Hudson, for example, are all included in this lot. Signed documents by film and literary notables such as James Stewart, Errol Flynn, Mickey Rooney, Mel Blanc, William "Hopalong Cassidy" Boyd, Francis Ford Coppola, Truman Capote, Clint Eastwood, Gene Kelly, Michael Landon, Demi Moore, Roger Moore, Gregory Peck, Vincent Price, Jack Benny and Denzel Washington are all to be found.

    Another featured group of material in this collection is an archive of letters and correspondence to (and from) one of the greatest actresses ever, Joan Crawford. Even though her personal reputation has been tainted since her death by her daughter's "tell-all" book, Joan Crawford was one of the most thoughtful and encouraging friends and confidants many big stars ever had. These letters from her estate, written to her by stars such as Cesar Romero, Helen Hayes, Lynne Fontanne & Alfred Lunt, Noel Coward, Douglas Fairbanks Jr, Geraldine Fitzgerald, Liza Minnelli, Ed Asner, Milt Caniff, Maurice Chavalier, Ellen Corby, George Cukor, Henry Fonda, Arthur Godfrey, Anita Loos, Mary Martin, Barbara Stanwyck and Lowell Thomas (just to drop a few names) gives an amazing insight into this talented lady. She never forgot a birthday, anniversary or Christmas. She wrote letters of praise to new, up-and-coming actors for performances she enjoyed- often eliciting amazement and gratitude in return. This collection has enough Joan Crawford material for a book or series of articles if one were so inclined.

    Rock music is well-represented with a fascinating pre-fame 1965 ALS from Janis Joplin, a large lot of Elvis Presley concert tickets, many signed photos, an amazing group of handwritten lists and personal notes by the legendary Johnny Cash as well as an odd group of letters written by Tommy Lee to a fellow inmate while in prison. Quite a few of the music documents are signed by the artist using their birth or legal name such as Richard Penniman (Little Richard), Tracy Morrow (Ice T), Dorothy Metcalf (Dottie West), James Smith (LL Cool J) and Martha Nell Turner (Tina Turner).

    This absolutely amazing collection also includes animation cels, movie posters, and a large lot of unsigned, yet super-cool old high school or college yearbooks picturing famous people in poses you seldom get to see. Included are Trent Reznor, Tom and Dick Smothers, Dave Brubeck, Rob Lowe & Robert Downey Jr (Did you know they went to high school together?), John Deutschendorf (Denver), Leonardo DiCaprio, John Ritter and Carol Burnett.

    Descriptions of the Scanned Items (
    Joan Crawford Letters
    A loyal and faithful correspondent to friends and fans all over the world, this group of letters shows the graciousness and thoughtfulness shown to one particular British lady named "May" through the years. Miss Crawford writes candidly about her acting career, duties as a Director/spokeswoman for Pepsi-Cola and personal life (including the death of her beloved husband, Alfred Steele). She is always quick to compliment May and offer helpful advice. These letters show a side of this legendary actress not often seen by the public and quite the opposite of the "Mommie Dearest" persona so often thought of. Letters to others also included in this group- more than thirty total.

    Arthur Godfrey Letter to Joan Crawford
    Showing the famous and feisty Godfrey wit, this letter is in answer to Joan's inquiries into his avocation as a horse breeder. He explains that he raises Quarter Horses but has a couple of Palomino-colored American Saddles Bred stallions to use in his dressage exhibitions. Regarding his breeding of these two horses he writes: "...aside from a little surreptitious masturbation occasionally, these two Palomino characters have even less sex life than Jimmy Durante and I..." A great letter from this one-of-a-kind American comedian and actor.

    Janis Joplin Handwritten Letter to Her Fiancé
    The year 1965 was pretty much the last "normal" period of Joplin's short and tragic life. She was living with her parents in her hometown of Port Arthur, Texas and attending school at Lamar Tech. Her fiancé, Peter de Blanc, was in New York and she obviously wrote him often as this letter is numbered "40" on the envelope. It contains nearly five full pages of Joplin writing about home, school, fashion, and life in general. Quoting from the letter (in part): "I just wrote you last night about 12 hrs. ago, so there's nothing really new... I get the distinct impression that you're all down & out behind all your problems. Well, all right! Damn, I know you've got problems... Just cool yourself, remember who you are & how groovy everything is & stop sulking! Jeez... Ah for the good old days of limp madras! Sigh, I'm such an old-timer... In English now, I made a 95! on my history test but I'll be damned if I'll send it to you! We're studying Byron. He was pretty f***ed up too... Home now- eating a chicken salad sandwich & a piece of grape (?) pie..." An absolutely fascinating piece of Janis' heart. Never published to the best of our knowledge.

    Mickey Rooney Contract
    In 1938 Mickey Rooney (also known as Joe Yule Jr.) was still a minor and under the guardianship of his mother, Nell Pankey. Here is a twelve-page legal-sized contract dated September 3, 1938 where Pankey agrees to purchase a house from George E. Barrett apparently using young Mickey's income as a guarantee. It is signed on the last page by a young Rooney who was to be, for the next three years, the number one box office actor in the United States.

    George Cukor Letter to Joan Crawford
    A truly legendary film director, Cukor was nominated for the "Best Director" Oscar five times before winning in 1965 for "My Fair Lady." He was known for bringing out memorable performances from some of the finest actresses of all time including Katharine Hepburn, Greta Garbo, Audrey Hepburn, Judy Garland and, of course, Joan Crawford. This two-page typewritten letter has numerous annotations by him in blue ink and is signed "George." The content is incredible, speaking mostly on the subject of censorship and vulgarity in films through the years. He writes to his old friend in 1973 (in part): "...Do you remember all the nonsense we had to go through - timing a kiss with a stop-watch - checking your décolletage within sixteenth of an inch - and what about when a husband and wife were in a nuptial bed, one of them had to have their feet planted on the floor!... Louis B. Mayer wasn't particularly nice to me. He put up with me, I suppose, because I was under contract to Metro and a friend of his daughters'... Louis (although I never dared call him that to his face) had very high moral standards if you didn't inquire too carefully into his personal carryings-on - Ginny Sims, Ann Miller, Hedy Lamarr and on and on... The other day I saw FORTY CARATS (spare yourself that)... As for nudity, there was infinitely more eroticism generated by ladies like you - fully clothed..." A fabulous personal letter between two film greats.

    Cesar Romero Letters to Joan Crawford
    Euphemistically called a "confirmed bachelor" by the gossip columnists of the day, Cesar Romero was one of Joan Crawford's favorite escorts from the 1930s and a lifelong friend and confidant. This collection contains eight handwritten letters and notes- all signed "Butch" and all dated in the 1970s often written in thanks for a present Joan had sent. One letter closes "...thank you again and again for being such a dear friend. That is what I cherish more than anything. Much love to you as always..."

    Elvis Presley Concert Tickets
    If these were for a sporting event, they would be called "phantom tickets." Elvis, at the time of his untimely passing on August 16, 1977, had booked a concert tour that included a show on September 28th in Savannah, Georgia. Found in this incredible collection are more than 120 of these advance sale tickets for this show that never happened. A hot collectible category for Elvis fans, Heritage has sold examples of these tickets on eBay for more than $30 apiece!

    Barbra Streisand Signed Checks
    A legend of stage, screen and pop music, Barbra Streisand autographs are rare and desirable. Forgeries have flooded the market. Here are six fine checks, drawn on three different accounts- all with authentic, bold full Barbra Streisand signatures. These often sell for several hundred dollars each in today's marketplace.

    Tommy Lee
    Lee is possibly better known to the general public by his well-publicized marriages (and divorces) with popular Hollywood stars Heather Locklear and Pamela Anderson as by his drumming for heavy metal group Mötley Crüe. One of the best known "incidents" (beside the videotape, of course) in his marriage to Anderson was when she accused him of striking her in front of the children- a crime for which he did several months behind bars in 1998. This collection contains more than a dozen notes handwritten by Lee to another inmate during this stint in prison. You wonder how "hard" the time actually was when you read these interesting and sometimes funny notes often accompanied by drawings and unprintable comments. A unique lot.

    Congratulatory Letters to Joan Crawford for Oscar Win
    On March 7, 1946 Joan Crawford was awarded a Best Actress Oscar for her titular role in "Mildred Pierce," a film-noir adaptation of James M. Cain's popular 1941 novel. She was ill and couldn't attend the ceremony that night but was congratulated via letter by three Hollywood heavy-hitters: Hal B. Wallis, Harry M. Warner and Jack Warner. Wallis' typed letter is signed "Hal" and reads (in part): "My congratulations... on your triumph last night... I am only sorry that you were not there in person, but I know that the award was extremely popular and one that was well deserved." The TLS from Harry is signed "H. M. Warner" and reads (in part): "Mrs. Warner and I were so thrilled... We don't know of anything that could have made us happier for you. It only goes to prove that hard work and sincere effort pays..." The third TLS is signed simply "Jack" and reads (in part): "...It was most gratifying to me personally, as well as to everyone at our studio, for you certainly deserved this recognition for your grand performance..." This film and subsequent Oscar was very important to Miss Crawford as it breathed new life into her then-faltering career.

    1967 CBS Contract Signed by Rob Reiner and Richard Dreyfuss
    The year 1966 found Rob Reiner (son of Carl Reiner) out of school (having studied drama at U.C.L.A.) and Richard Dreyfuss looking for acting roles. They got together with Larry Bishop (son of Rat Pack member Joey Bishop) and others and formed a popular improvisational comedy troupe called "The Session." This collection includes a rare two-page CBS-TV contract signed by all the members of The Session and dated May 1, 1967. Interestingly, the contract has Rob Reiner's name typed "Bob Reiner" and Richard Dreyfuss as "Rick Dreyfuss." Troupe member Bobbi Shaw (misspelled Bobi on the contract) has added "love" before her signature- not often seen on legal contracts. Also signed by Marj Dusay and the late David Arkin. A great item. By the way, this was the same year that Dreyfuss made his speaking debut in a film- one uncredited line in "The Graduate."

    James Stewart Signed Contracts and Checks
    James (or "Jimmy") Stewart was one of the best-loved and least-spoiled Hollywood actors of all time. His graciousness in responding to autograph requests is legendary. Not so common, however, are documents signed by Stewart. This collection contains a treasure trove of these collectibles- five checks and eight contracts. One of the documents is a 24-pager from Twentieth Century-Fox dated June 21, 1967 contracting Stewart to portray bad guy Mace Bishop in the film "Bandolero" with Dean Martin and Raquel Welch. Multiple contracts for appearances on "The Jack Benny Show" and "Dean Martin's Celebrity Roast" are also included along with the checks- drawn on two different accounts with one made out the Friar's Club.

    Paul Newman Signed Contract and Typed Letter Signed
    Paul Newman is known to be one of the greatest leading men of all time (just ask my wife). He is also known to be one of the toughest autographs to obtain authentically. The first item here is a two-page contract dated August 18, 1955 for "Our Town" listing a salary of $6,000. It is signed once and initialed (PLN) EIGHT TIMES! Also in this incredible collection is a personal one-page Typed Letter Signed, dated November 28, 1959 to an unidentified "David" sending regrets that we won't be able to see a play David is appearing in, in part: "...I'm doing double duty, the movie during the daytime and the play at night and frankly, I'm a basket case. When Sunday rolls around, I just want to sit on my old duff..." The movis he mentions is likely "Exodus." Two superb items.

    1961 Friars Club CBS Contract
    The Friars Club has grown from a meeting in 1904 of the Press Agents Association at Browne's Chop House in New York City to the most prestigious entertainment organization in the world. It's known worldwide for events such as Testimonial Dinners and Roasts. This one-page contract with CBS Radio dated January 5, 1961 is signed by an amazing group of celebrities including Gary Cooper, George Jessel, Tony Curtis, George Burns, Greer Garson, Jack Warner, Jack Benny and Art Linkletter! Worthy of further research.

    Vincent Price Contracts
    One of the truly great movie villains and a superstar of the horror genre, Price is represented in this amazing collection with six signed contracts and two signed checks. He is perpetually popular with collectors in any signed format but documents are particularly desirable. One of these contracts is for an appearance on "The Red Skelton Show" in 1957 for which he was paid $2000.

    Gregory Peck Signed Checks
    Peck was born in La Jolla, California and started acting while attending Berkeley. He moved to New York and actually worked as a barker at the 1939 NY World's Fair before finding steady employment as an actor. One of the truly great actors of the postwar period, Peck chose his roles carefully, portraying characters with strength, intelligence and high moral convictions. Peck is represented in this collection by six signed checks and four signed contracts. It's interesting to note that two of these checks are drawn on the Atticus Corporation, almost certainly an allusion to his Oscar-winning role as Atticus Finch in the 1962 film "To Kill a Mockingbird."

    Gene Kelly Signed Contracts
    A legendary actor, dancer and choreographer, Gene Kelly will always be a popular acquisition for autograph collectors. This massive collection contains four contracts signed by Mr. Kelly. At least one of these features the scarce and desirable full name form of his signature "Eugene C Kelly."

    Jack Haley Signed Checks
    Truly beloved by all ages and generations for his portrayal of the loveable Tin Woodsman in the 1939 film "The Wizard of Oz," Jack Haley was also a very successful real estate agent after his retirement from the film industry. There are nine personal checks signed by him in this collection that will always be in demand for his association with this great movie. By the way, Haley's son was married (briefly) to Liza Minnelli, the daughter of his OZ co-star, Judy Garland.

    Errol Flynn Signed Contracts
    In the 1930s and 1940s there was no star more popular or mentioned more often by the gossip columnists than Errol Flynn- a swashbuckler on the screen as well as in private life. His death in 1959 at age 50 and his continuing popularity have made his autograph rare and valuable. This collection contains three signed contracts at least two of which are from the 1951 movie "Adventures of Captain Fabian" (originally to be titled "The Bargain") and are also signed by director William Marshall.

    Rock Hudson Signed Contracts
    Often appearing on screen with Doris Day in light romantic comedies, Hudson will be principally remembered as the first star of his magnitude to go public with details of his battle with AIDS. The vast majority of Rock Hudson "autographs" on the market are actually signed by a secretary or companion. Authentic examples are elusive at best. This fabulous collection contains four Rock Hudson signed contracts.

    Alfred Hitchcock Signed Contract
    Just about everyone has one of Hitchcock's films on their personal "all-time favorite" list. Who could forget the shower scene in "Psycho" or the crazed massive flocks in "The Birds" attacking humans? Never an easy autograph to obtain, the signed Hitchcock contract in this collection is a real prize.

    Truman Capote Signed Checks and Contracts
    The jet-setting author of "In Cold Blood" and "Breakfast at Tiffany's" has always been an in-demand and hard-to-find autograph. This collection contains a goldmine of authentic Capote material with three contracts and two signed personal checks.

    Francis Ford Coppola
    Coppola is a three-time Oscar winner ("Patton" "The Godfather" "The Godfather: Part II") and a popular autograph for collectors. This collection contains an amazing eleven signed contracts.

    Lynn Fontaine Letters to Joan Crawford
    For many years Fontanne and her husband, Alfred Lunt, were the pre-eminent acting couple of the Broadway stage. They were dear friends of Joan's and are both well-represented in this collection which contains more than a dozen Fontanne items and also several Lunt items- all to Joan Crawford. One letter from Lynn starts out: "Dearest Joan, What a wonderful evening we had with you last night beginning with the car which brought us and took us home-- the best dinner I ever had in a restaurant or a house for that matter. You are right about your president he is a charmer..." Fascinating group of letters, notes and cards.

    Noël Coward to Joan Crawford
    This London-born actor, playwright, singer and composer was known for his satirical wit. He considered Joan a dear friend as one of the three Coward items in this collection states (in full): "Darling Joanie, It has suddenly occurred to me that I have loved you for thirty-nine years!" This is signed "Noëlie" on a personal notecard and includes the addressed envelope. Another item, a TLS from London sends his regrets for not being able to have drinks on Tuesday because of the play he was in (in part): "...telephone me at Belgravia 7447 to let me know if I can arrange lovely house seats for you - then you could nip round and see me afterwards, it would be gorgeous to see you again..." Not common.

    Cher Checks
    Signed checks from Cher are one of the toughest of the modern superstars to locate and are in strong demand. This awesome collection contains seven of these.

    Robert Bloch Letters to Joan Crawford
    This famous suspense/sci-fi author had his best-selling book "Psycho" adapted by Hitchcock into a popular movie after which Bloch became a screenwriter himself. His letters to Miss Crawford are interesting and funny- often speaking of the pitfalls of being a writer. In one he states (in part): "... If the writer comes up with a nice little story based on the Last Supper, they'll improve it by increasing the twelve apostles to twenty-four, change the supper to a testimonial dinner, hire Georgie Jessel as toastmaster, and have the whole affair catered by Chasen's..." Ah, such is the life of a writer! Five letters included in this collection.

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