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Client Testimonials

Marilyn MonroeMarilyn Monroe
Ethan Wayne Discusses the Personal Property of the John Wayne Auction. Watch video. Read Testimonial.
Heritage President Greg Rohan and Ryan Givens on the ANDERSON LIVE show, discussing the 1913 Nickel with Heritage client, Anderson Cooper. Watch video.
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Wanted to tell you how impressed I was with how the FUN books looked for my Saints. While I no longer have the coins, nor am I listed on the PCGS registry, at least I have the book to remind me of my collection.
Steve A., New York, NY
Dear Todd, Weldon, Eric and Greg, Thank you all so very much for your work developing CBLDF's portion of last Friday's auction. We were very grateful to be included in this auction, and to expose the mission of our organization to your distinguished community of buyers. Thank you for the great care you provided in listing and documenting the pieces, the aid in publicizing our lots, and for the generous terms you set for the organization to benefit. This will aid us substantially as we develop our program for a busier than originally anticipated 2017. Best regards and thank you again! CB
Charles B., Portland, OR
I got your contact information from Cheryl Vogel at Valley House gallery in Dallas Texas. I watched very carefully how Heritage handled the upcoming sale of this painting, with mailings, magazine ads and it's representation at the Dallas art fair. I was very impressed and flattered by the respectful way the presale and sale of this painting unfolded. Several people contacted me who felt similarly about the way the auction was handled. At this point in my career I'm much more concerned with the respectful professionalism in all forms when it comes to my life's work. I truly appreciate your efforts in this respect.
David B., Dallas, TX
It is amazing how in such a short time your team was able to promote the property on a worldwide scale and generate so much interest resulting in numerous viewings and a market value sale at the auction. From the very beginning we were extremely impressed with the strategic planning, marketing and promotional capabilities of Heritage Auctions. However, the things that really made the experience so positive for us were the professionalism, helpfulness, energy and friendliness of your staff. They all just seemed to be so happy and confident with what they were doing. The direction provided by Heritage along withthe overall staff camaraderie made a potentially challenging auction process so easy and fun for the sellers. We can't think of a single thing you could have done different to make the project a success. We would be happy to recommend Heritage Aucitons wholeheartedly to any prospective clients considering your services. Congratulations for the great organization you have developed and best of luck to you and your team in the future.
Tom and Gail Balousek, Houston, TX
The sale just closed and I wanted to extend a hearty "thank you" to you and the folks at Heritage for the outstanding job you did cataloging and selling the Dr. Thomas F. Fitzgerald Collection of Papal Coins, Medals, and Paper Currency.

There were so many coins, medals, sets, paper currency, etc. to catalogue! The way you grouped lots, photographed, and presented the material was too notch. I was impressed that you took the time to attribute coins to the Krause reference as their "plate coin" and that many of your descriptions included pertinent facts and information that added value to the sale.

The proprietary software Heritage uses is second to none for tracking auction activity from both a buyers and a sellers perspective. Bidding on the Internet via allows a fair (and exciting) venue for the final closing and sale of each lot; it has been a great addition to your other software and certainly compliments the auction process.

When all the bidding was over, almost all of the 6+ pages of material had many multiple bidders. vying to win their favorite lots with the overall results of this sale well exceeding expectations!

Your professionalism has been great and it was a pleasure working with you on this sale.
Mark Baskin, Fountain Valley, CA
The pre-sale publicity was more than I imagined, and the actual catalog better than I had expected - and my expectations were high! And on behalf of the MacDonald family, I must add that the results were also most gratifying. I must also mention the joy with which the family responded to your press releases, advertisements, catalog biography, and even your catalog descriptions. Your comments and presentation paid appropriate tribute to a great collector, and the catalog will stand as a lasting memorial to a great collection.
[Entire Letter]
Jim Beasley, Tilden Coin Company, Allamonte Springs, FL
I received my Cincinnati Auction catalog and it is magnificent. I am very pleased with the descriptions and groupings of my coins, and looking forward to this being a great sale.
D.O.C., Stockton, CA
I believe Heritage did a very good job of the cataloging. I am very pleased overall!
P.C., Lexington, SC
Your catalog descriptions are superb.
P.C., Round Lake, IL
Thank you so much for your yeoman effort to showcase the Julius Reiver collection to its greatest advantage. Every department at Heritage performed beautifully, from photography and cataloging to printing and the auction itself.
[Entire Letter]
Betsy Reiver DeMarino, V.M.D., Unionville, PA
I received the amazing books of my father’s coin collection and the Heritage Auction. Thank you so much for taking the trouble to send them to me and for doing such a wonderful job with the collection. I know my father would be proud to see his coins handled so meticulously and with such great care.
Thank you again for all the work you and the team at Heritage have done to make this such a success for our family and for helping share my father’s collection with the world.
This collection realized roughly $4 Million Dollars
Julia Dimitriadis, New York City, New York
What a great choice we made. The publicity your marketing generated was fabulous, and your internet system is beyond belief. Over half the coins had already met or exceeded our expectations before the floor session even started! At your Central States convention Signature auction itself, over a half-million dollars worth of our coins found new homes, shattering numerous price records in the process. Then, after the sale, you helped us even further, and now the entire collection has been dispersed. Perfectionists are never easy to please, and we're no exception. But frankly, we are thrilled.
[Entire Letter]
Bill and Gloria Dominick, Park Ridge, NJ
Got Platinum Night Catalog today! Masterpiece section on my $1G collection. I am so proud of the work you have done and the layout was perfect!
Steven L. Duckor, Orange, CA
Reporting on Heritage Auctions’ sale of an historic Dallas estate that had been on the market for more than two years was one of the most exciting real estate stories I’ve covered. I do not think they left one stone unturned in the marketing process, and they focused efforts on the right audience, rather than scatter-shoot. While their social media & digital marketing were stellar, they actually produced a beautiful, 40-page glossy magazine to market the estate that included information on the neighborhood and the city. In six weeks, they drummed up 12 quality buyers who bid on a property with no reserve, and sold it in 15 minutes. As a reporter, I love their total transparency. A top Dallas real estate agent brought the buyer. I believe auctions, especially of trophy properties, will become more common, especially for individuals accustomed to buying luxury items this way. And Heritage certainly has an advantage when it comes to having a few million of those buyers already in their database!
Candace Evans (Candy's Dirt), Dallas, TX
Your overall service is very good. The quality of the catalogs for major sales are superior and very accurately described.
M.F., Elmwood Park, IL
Due completely to Heritage's thoroughly diligent and professional management and promotion of the collection, the faraday Collection stirred national attention among numismatists and the auction results brought a gross value greater than that last estimated by the experienced collector, David M. faraday. Moreover, Heritage identified a very rare coin from the faraday collection and featured it on the cover of the convention catalog. Later, that coin became the piece that brought the greatest “hammer price” and applause from the admiring audience. Furthermore, Heritage's additional promotion of major rare and quality pieces from the faraday Collection created supplementary recognition in the Coin World and The Numismatist trade publications.
[Entire Letter]
The Estate of David M. Faraday, San Rafael, CA
Excellent and informative catalogs. Impressive number of desirable lots.
R.G., Finksburg, MD
Heritage was thoroughly professional, and sensitive, in the handling of this portion of my collection. The coins were analyzed carefully, cataloged, photographed and presented; we discussed pre-sale estimates and probable prices realized. Those estimates accurately reflected the market, and I would have been happy to achieve them.
[Entire Letter]
David Ganz (Distinguished Past President of the American Numismatic Association), New York, NY
I'm feeling a bit sheepish about not telling you sooner how much I LOVE the catalog for the auction. My family and I would not have this amazing keepsake memory of my dad's collection without all the hard work, beautiful photos, tasteful layout and eloquent descriptions that you and your team did. Especially, you! Your grace, patience, optimism, integrity and passion for this auction are admirable and much appreciated. It seems to me that I have not expressed enough good things to you lately which is not my normal style and personality. I can only think that maybe it's because I have not been myself due to the weight of responsibility I am feeling for the success of this auction. I'm guessing you understand how that feels. So, with a great deal of sincerity, I would like to thank you for everything you have done and are doing for us. If my dad was here, I think he would have agreed with me when I say how happy I am that I chose you to handle this auction process.
Sheri Reid Grant, Auburn Hills, MI
Heritage: The industry leader in auction catalogs.
H.H., Arlington, VA
I just wanted to write you a note regarding the sale of what was formerly my volume 1 of The Federalist. I am overjoyed at the fact that I chose Heritage to auction the book.Your guidance on the AP story, which ended up on the home page for both Yahoo and AOL, created something I absolutely did not expect. It resulted in a whirlwind of press and exposure to over 400 news markets, not only in the U.S., but to the far reaches of the globe. Little did I know that I would quickly be a celebrity. Well, because of that exposure, which can be directly attributed to you and your marketing department, the Heritage web page for the book reached over 25,000 page views in twenty-four hours.

All of that exposure ended up driving the price of the auction to the amazing amount of $95,600 dollars with the buyer’s premium. I have no doubt in my mind that Heritage Auction Galleries is by far the most professional and robust organization of its kind in the market. I would recommend your services to anyone who was considering auctioning collectibles. From you, Joe Fay, to the auctioneer who sealed the deal with a touching and emotional introduction of the book and my story, you all did an outstanding job! Once again, I can’t thank you enough for all you have done.
The catalogs are beautifully done and are a very valuable instrument for keeping up with what is happening in the coin world.
F.I., Twin Lake, MI
So exciting!!! Thank you for the wonderful job Heritage did with promotion of this piece. So appreciative. My client will be so pleased. Appreciate you!
Laura I., Tulsa, OK
That is an excellent object label, condition report, and bio write-up! Christie's -- where I learned how to write object labels -- has nothing over you guys at Heritage. Good for you. See you next week.
Mara Jayne M., New York, NY
Catalogs are fantastic!
B.K., Aiea, HI
Hi Eric / Don, I don’t often do testimonials but in this case I felt truly obligated to thank Heritage Auctions for the extremely professional job your organization did for me. I want to personally thank you - Eric and Don Ackerman. It was a pleasure working with real professionals that take a personal interest and special care with one’s collection. I felt very comfortable knowing my collection was with such highly responsible individuals. Eric, you exceeded my expectations on the PR you did for the project. You delivered what you said you would and much more. The publicity and your follow up throughout the project was amazing. And Don – Wow!! What a brilliant Historian you are. I sent you a summary of my collection and you expanded it with such detail and interesting facts. The presentation in the catalog is suitable for framing, and I may just do that!! Thanks guys for the dedication you have to your job and the pride you take in your work.You guys are the best.... CK
Charlie K., Pittsburgh, PA
We did know about the radio interview but this is the first we have heard it. Very nicely done. I want to thank both of you for all your hard work, enthusiasm and coverage given our painting. We couldn't have asked for anything more! And we appreciated our stay at the Mansion which was SO enjoyed. Everyone was very professional and am glad Megan McConnell will be coming up for the New York auction ------ she did a wonderful job on the catalogues. We looked for you when we left as our ride was waiting and , Atlee, hope the remainder of your day was fun with the deb parties and all. How long did you stay, Aviva? Now that we have settled back in New York, we are more pleased than at the auction itself. I think with all the hype of hearing there were going to be 3 telephone bidders plus other interest, I let my hopes overtake reality. I had done a chronology of each painting Satisfied, Pleased, Thrilled and Over-Joyed and this fell in between Pleased and Thrilled ------ somehow, I had let myself think we could attain $380,000 - $400,000 given the $515,000 price from a better market (oil is down). Naturally, wish someone thought a Central Park painting would add to their collection but am satisfied I didn't lose any money and that came in between Pleased and Thrilled, so there you are. More later but just wanted to say how much we appreciated your professionalism.
Maureen K., Rye, NY
Just received the catalog. Incredible! Never seen such a catalog and have been collecting since 1974. Congratulations!
Philipp K., Marina Del Ray, CA
Thank you so much for everything you all did on this project.Everyone was raving about the way it got the word out as well as how it generated so many pre-bids. If it works with all of you, we’d love to start talking about the other “Big Name Animators” auction I think I threw out toward the beginning of our chats. Thanks again, Craig
Craig, Tustin, CA
Thank you so much for sending me the copy of the Howard Terpning cover story.
You did a great job on that interview, and The Intelligent Collector is a smart, elegant and inspiring magazine.
Sean Kelly, NY, NY
My copy of The Intelligent Collector arrived today. And my afternoon productivity just stopped. The Merrill Berman collection is amazing. Love it. I don't even know where to begin. The Tadanori Yokoo silkscreen poster. The Exercise and Sport, with a Monty Python vibe, very cool. The Fritz Schleifer poster, which I can't get enough of. And Carl Grossberg's Textile Factory, wow. All of them are wonderful.

I just read a long piece on the anniversary of the Ali-Liston fight so your sports auction results featuring the gloves from the fight and Ali's letter to the draft board stopped me in my tracks. Good stuff. And the Lombardi story is so appealing on so many levels, especially here in Wisconsin.

Your By The Numbers feature is a winner. And I'm going to steal your 1943 treatment on page 12. You've been warned. By the way, tell your designer "nice job" on the Warhol treatment of the TV celebs on page 50. Good choice.

Congratulations, Hector. And thanks for the great read. Oh yeah, excellent choice of cover stock. Perfect.
Paul Kennedy, Iola, WI
Thank you for the outstanding job you did selling my comic book art. You got me a price that exceeded my wildest dreams!! Who knew that something that has been sitting in a desk for over 20 years would be worth over $30,000? The level of expertise and professionalism from everyone on your staff from the very beginning to the end was exceptional.
Ed Lambert, TX
The customer service I experienced was top notch. It made the consignment process a pleasure from beginning to end. The web page and user interface is head and shoulders above anybody else in the industry.
Steven Lester, Owensboro, KY
First, I am so pleased with your new publication. I think it is right on time and right on the money. As a medium sized estate and trust liquidator with approx $10m per year in liquidations I have already found your first issue very informative.  We have two locations but a very heavy walk in traffic load as well as a dozen trust attorneys that we regularly work with. We are also a consignor to Heritage, Southebys, and Christies . We hope to step up our consignments to Heritage in the future. It is tools like these that will help facilitate that. Please send me a few of the Collectors Handbook so I can review it and decide how I will proceed
Hawk Levy, Port St Lucie, FL
I just wanted to take a moment to express my thanks and gratitude for sending me the amazing Stallone auction catalog. Amazing. Extremely well done. I am bidding on an item and am watching the auction as I write this. Thanks so much. Please continue to think of me when sending these amazing (and I know very expensive to produce) catalogs. If I've not mentioned before, my poster collection is in my will to be sold through your find house. I hope to live long enough to make it worth your while.
Joseph M., New Orleans, LA
I recently inherited a print from a close family member. I travel extensively and was unsure how to find a venue for my artwork. Heritage Auctions, and Mr. Chad Reingold were able to catalog and provide my print with a world wide venue while being professional and courteous in all transactions and providing outstanding service in answering my many emails. I recommend them at the highest level.
Killy M., Melbourne Beach, FL
The auction was riveting. I think Heritage deserves a lot of credit for covering all technical bases without a hitch. Obviously, I'm pleased with you and your teams work to present the Rolling Stones drum head beautifully in the catalog.
Roy M., New York, NY
I want to thank you for your fine work with the auction of my EC/Kurtzman fanzines.  Your item descriptions were spot on I'm certain they played a major role in the very successful outcome!  All were sold at VERY satisfactory prices!  I look forward to working with you in future listings.  Thanks again!
John Mahoney, Greenwood, IN
Thank you for having such a wonderful and easy-to-use website! We really appreciate all of the high res images available online, plus the great support if we do have questions. Thank you!
Sarah Mock, Leesburg, VA
Heritage did everything splendidly to ensure that the coins would bring the best prices possible in the public market. In spite of foreshortened deadlines, the full color promotional brochure was exemplary and the catalog a front-runner among all the coin auction catalogs we have ever seen. Both color and black and white photographs were of the highest clarity and descriptions (with certifications) well-complimented the plates to give potential buyers the best possible information to weigh their bids.
[Entire Letter]
Museum of Connecticut History of Hartford, CT, Hartford, CT
You are the Rolls-Royce of auction companies. Your ads & catalogs are the most attractive, creative, professional looking, and grammatically correct.
P.N., Hunt Valley, PA
Your catalog for this auction is the most beautiful I have ever seen! What a great job on colors & presentation.
R.N., Spring Lake, MI
I was just glancing through some of the fine arts that will be listed in our upcoming auction. I know you are just getting started but I am very pleased with the detail of the work that is going into the descriptions & the comparison listing prices of previous items sold by the same artist. It is looking great!
As always, the book auctions continue to be well listed & described. The prices they are bringing have also been quite nice. I am so excited about the upcoming aviation & rare music auction!
Everyone who has come to the house has been professional, as well as warm and friendly. In fact, everyone at the HA preview was equally nice.
We have also have become more educated about antiques from HA, an unexpected perk. And we thoroughly enjoyed our visit to HA for a preview auction just to see how it all works.
Don't just think I am just a sweet person who always says nice things. I complain loudly when I have poor customer service. So, I feel if I complain loudly, I also should also give compliments where compliments are due. Heritage Auctions definitely deserves many compliments!
Karen Quinton, Nacogdoches, TX
I just got in the Stallone Catalogue. Amazing! I am VERY impressed and very excited for you! This is the most impressive book I have ever seen!
Daniel R., Rockville, MD
Thanks so much for all your work in cataloging and promoting the collection. You really did a great job and I was consistently impressed. It was a pleasure dealing with you and with Heritage. I did watch the auction live, and yes, it was exciting to see. There were several pieces that sold for far less than I felt is what they "should" be worth, but the market has spoken. Those were made up for by the ones that exceeded my expectations. I find it fascinating that when I originally pulled numbers out of the air to come up with my own evaluation I ended up with $130,000. Yours was obviously less but I figured that if the total fell in the middle, around $100K, I would consider it a successful sale. I was therefore surprised to see that it ended up nearly spot-on to my own estimate -- $131,410. Damn close! I assume that the two lots that didn't sell (inexplicably, to my way of thinking) will be returned. Like any collector I have mixed feelings about parting with these but life goes on. As the well-worn cliché goes, we are only custodians of these treasures.
René Rondeau, Corte Madera, CA
Wow! I'm thrilled. The total hammer price is far beyond my initial hopes and expectations. You and your colleagues at Heritage could not have packaged the collection in a more professional and attractive way to buyers. I cannot thank you enough, but I'll try! All the Best, Robert
Robert Ruff, New York, NY
I gotta compliment you guys on how you conducted the sale. First off it was conducted very professional and the cataloging was fantastic. Mark B helped me out finding the perfect coins for my set. And lastly, by putting the bust dimes in all the sales rather than just putting them in 1 sale truly allowed me greater opportunities to acquire a whole bunch that I wouldn’t have been able to acquire.
Barry S., n/a
Just got the Stallone catalog and it is stunning! The best ever.
Greg S., Los Angeles, CA
We want to thank you for your for all of your help in cataloging our mint state Barber half dollar set sold recently at the 2016 FUN auction by Heritage Auctions. The quality of the research and preparation that you did was first-rate, evident in the careful description of each coin you provided in the catalog. The pedigree information, the coin descriptions, and other important comments all made the catalog something very special. It was also pleasing to see that some of our owners' comments were included in the catalog, adding to the personality and charm of the descriptions. These seemingly small items really make a difference and remind us all that coin collecting is a fun pursuit. We will treasure the catalog with its excellent photography and your descriptions; it is a quality souvenir from this important event in our lives. The entire Heritage team that we worked with, particularly Jim Stoutjesdyk, and you, helped make our experience very pleasant. Jim really helped us with questions we had along the way, and made sure all the details were taken care of for us. You both were so pleasant to deal with. It was a pleasure meeting Jim Halperin and providing him with our feedback. The auctioneer did a superb job of helping us obtain the best possible prices for our treasures. By my study, nine of our 74 different coins in the sale set new highest prices. That shows real results. The entire Heritage team that we worked with, particularly Jim Stoutjesdyk, and you, helped make our experience very pleasant. Jim really helped us with questions we had along the way, and made sure all the details were taken care of for us. You both were so pleasant to deal with. It was a pleasure meeting Jim Halperin and providing him with our feedback. The auctioneer did a superb job of helping us obtain the best possible prices for our treasures. By my study, nine of our 74 different coins in the sale set new highest prices. That shows real results. We will continue to collect coins and know that our paths will cross again. Again, our most sincere thanks on a job well done by you and the Heritage Team.
Peter S., Norton Shores, MI
Your advertising is quality. Your information makes it easy for me to make decisions.
R.S., Point Pleasant, NJ
The collecting community was wondering how Heritage would do with this specialized collection, and the catalog exceeded everyone’s expectations. It was really a brilliant move talking to so many people and bringing them into the project, so they feel involved
Roger Siboni, Mantoloking, NJ
Sarah, Thanks for the note. I did see our consigned coins on the web numerous times. I couldn't ask for more with respect to Heritage's marketing effort. The coin auction catalog was very nice as well. Hope to conduct more business down the road. Best, Gerald Thomas
Gerald T., Atlantic Highlands, NJ
I thought the auction catalog I just received with the silver dollar collection was by far the best you ever put out. It is great as a reference manual as it contains tons of useful historical info on the series themselves. The graphics are original and excellent, and everything is in full color. did the consignor subsidize the cost of this publication? If not, why the special treatment...and how can you afford to show so few coins on a page and even the inexpensive ones in full color? Hopefully all of your future sales can look like this...the catalog rocks!!!
Your Black & White photos are the best in the business.
D.U., Meriden, CT
I thought I must write and congratulate you and your team for the excellent results you achieved for us in the past week of auctions. In particular the BWA & Sierra Leone Sale was superbly catalogued and presented and fully deserving of the many record prices you established that evening. Once again many thanks.
David V., Brooklyn, NY
And Good Golly! What an amazing catalog for Stallone The Auction! This looks like something from the likes of Donald Trump -- huge, terrific, First Class, amazing, better than exceptional. I'm going to carry your catalog with me to a few local auctions this weekend. I know several sports dealers, autograph collectors and other local dealers who will take an active interest, if they haven't already. Everyone knows Heritage from all of our comic book dealings. But I'm not sure that some of these other collectors and dealers also associate Heritage with important sports auctions. (Trust me, I'll get credit for alerting them to the auction.)
Edgar V., Falls Church, VA
In mechanics of advertising and running an auction, Heritage does an excellent job.
L.W., Houston, TX
I received the catalog and was very impressed with its color illustrations, descriptions and attractive layout. (It has better production values than the New York houses.)
Ted, Gold Beach, OR

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Just got the Stallone catalog and it is stunning! The best ever.
Greg S.,
Los Angeles, CA
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