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Client Testimonials

Marilyn MonroeMarilyn Monroe
Ethan Wayne Discusses the Personal Property of the John Wayne Auction. Watch video. Read Testimonial.
Heritage President Greg Rohan and Ryan Givens on the ANDERSON LIVE show, discussing the 1913 Nickel with Heritage client, Anderson Cooper. Watch video.
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As our two-year corporate collection divestment project comes to a close, we write to thank you for your exemplary management of our account for our client. Of utmost importance to us, you were accessible and reliable at every turn to assist with our requests and inquiries. Thank you for your care with our consignments and ensuring that all sales went smoothly. We look forward to working with you again on future projects.
Anonymous, Houston, TX
Good Job. Keep doing auctions at major shows.
M.A., Fortson, GA
In arriving at the selection of Auctioneer, ANA has considered primarily the reputation, proficiency, and character of the Auctioneer and its ability to provide personnel of corresponding quality.
The American Numismatic Association, Colorado Springs, CO
Just a quick note to thank you, Homer, and Aviva for the wonderful job you did in selling our Haseltine painting. There have been a number of articles in the press lately that indicate that only certain segments of the art market are in demand. I must admit it was a little scary seeing all the other items of comparable value being passed by. We’re especially thankful that Aviva was able to make the right contacts to let them know that our painting was available. And the loaner frame she arranged for was fantastic! We are very glad that we selected Heritage - The whole Heritage Team was a pleasure to do business with!
Richard Ash, Digby, Canada
We are so grateful for the remarkable dedication and generosity of Heritage Auctions to store, catalog and auction this vase! Your efforts make a difference in the lives of children battling cancer and other life-threatening diseases at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.
[Entire Letter]
ASLAC/St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, Memphis, TN
Our participation in the Heritage Gallery Auctions on Friday and Saturday were very enjoyable, and we were impressed with every aspect of the auction operation.
E. & N. B., Littleton, CO
Heritage Numismatics is a well organized operation, drawing the world's numismatic treasures together, cataloging, then offering them to the collecting public. I've been involved with collecting coins since 1957. It's great doing business with your company.
J.B., Port Deposit, MD
Because of your generosity, children who need help to achieve their full potential can continue to learn, grow and excel. Please know how grateful we are to receive your check of $2,520.00. Thank you. Your investment provides the children at Child Study Center with the highest quality medical expertise, treatments and specialized education by highly-trained professionals. Two-thirds of families who are served at Child Study Center are from low-income households. Your investment insures that all children, regardless of their ability to pay, are able to receive the services they need to fulfill their potential. you are making a difference in the lives of children and families in our community, and for that, we are most grateful. Thank you for partnering with Child Study Center.
Kyndall B., Fort Worth, TX
I just wanted to again thank you and all the wonderful people at Heritage that have provided me assistance during my experience with Heritage Auctions. All of you are amazing professionals and your services are appreciated.
Rick B., Jacksonville, FL
Thank you … I think heritage is the best auction house and has the best service that’s why I use you 
Sara B., Dubai, UAE
Dear Mr. Rohan:

On behalf of our client, Caroline Kennedy, I wish to thank you for all of your assistance in facilitating an appropriate resolution of the issues surrounding the John F. Kennedy, Jr. gloves. We appreciate your recognition of the legal and other concerns raised by the proposed auction of these gloves, and the professional way in which you made sure that those concerns were addressed before an auction proceeded.

Proceeding as you did not only avoided a potentially awkward legal situation for your gallery and any purchaser. It also facilitated the transfer of this historic personal item to the Kennedy Library, which all parties promptly recognized was where they belonged.

You and your gallery are to be commended for your professionalism and integrity in resolving this matter.

Kevin T. Baine
[Entire Letter]
Kevin T. Baine, Esq., Williams & Connoly, LLP, Washington, D.C.
I've been a de facto collector of comics for years by dint of just buying them and hanging onto them. A few years ago, I began to acquire some original art by heroes of mine. It's primarily work that's meaningful to me personally, but not always easy to come by and Heritage has been a big help with that. Plus, it's simply a pleasure dealing with the people there. It's been a comfortable and enjoyable association.
Tom Batiuk, Medina, OH
I wanted to let you know what a pleasure it was for me and my daughter, Amy, to do business with you, Tom Slater, Les Johnson, Howard Weinberger, Michael Riley and Susan Montoya over the last several months, as we prepared for your May 14, 2014 Space Exploration Auction. The Journey and the Destination were complete pleasures.
I do not know whom the Chairman or the Senior Executives of Heritage are, but they run an organization like it ought to be run. Everyone I came in contact with was courteous, helpful, professional, and best all, knew what they were talking about. Do you know how very rare that is?
John, please thank the Heritage Team for all the nice things they did for Amy and me. I hope we can do business again in the future.
Alan Bean, Houston, TX
I wanted to write this letter to thank you for the outstanding job that your firm and employees did in selling the seized coins for the Internal Revenue Service. When the coins went to sale, there were several hundred anxious bidders waiting to bid on these coins. The sale secured $156,290 for payment of delinquent tax liabilities. These proceeds are far in excess of any proceeds that would have been secured in a normal irs auction.
[Entire Letter]
William Beckham, Internal Revenue Service, Dallas, TX
Karen, I am so sorry it took me so long to get back with you on this. I had planned on sending you all the research I had recorded but my computer was infected with some virus or something and locked up everything so I have been trying to retrieve it but no luck. however I do have a pretty good memory so I will do my best to send you what I know from memory and off the cuff . I had to get a new computer but money has been tight so it took me a couple of weeks to get it so that is why you have not received anything from the usual chatty me.

I ,too, enjoyed meeting you, watching you work and seeing all the people coming in to check their cherished pieces to for value, a bit of history or just curiosity. I did not mention this to you at the time but for many, many years I have wanted to become an antique appraiser or own an antique shop but never even attempted it because I was afraid of failing and so I just kept plugging away setting up trade shows which , to say the least, is no fun, not rewarding at all and not challenging in the slightest. My mothers death, my boring job, turning 43 yrs old , my dads poor health @83 yrs have been a factor in my decision to finally become an antique appraiser.

I am gay and been alone all my life , never really meeting anyone that made me go “wow”. Then I met someone at work that I knew at once was the guy I was going to be with. I have no idea how or what I have done to deserve a handsome 19 yr old ( hold the jokes, ive heard them all lol) who is smart, funny, caring, kind, generous and treats me very well but I know my mother probably talked God into sending him to me when she got there lol. Anyway, his name is Emanuel and he asked me to marry him( now that it is legal) and of course I said yes. since I am getting ready to start this new chapter in my life I decided to finally do whatever I needed to do to become an antique appraiser .

Meeting you, watching you work and the process only made me more sure than ever. There were several things about you that I really thought were outstanding. The first being that you were not condescending or arrogant at all and treated me and everyone with courtesy and respect regardless of the value of their item. I must say that the single most important thing you did was that you included me in the appraisal. You did not pretend to know everything about every item ( I mean who can) and you sought out my opinion, my research, my personal appraisal and opinions. I felt so much better knowing that you and I came up with the appraisal together rather than you just rattling off a number to me. You performed the appraisal exactly the way I personally felt an appraisal should go. Thank you.

I will shut up and close this email with a simple request . Whenever you have time, cold you please give me your best advice , guidance and opinion on the best route for me to take to become a competent antique appraiser and any info on certification or licensing ? any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again and I will be sending any and all research and if I can remember or find again a little later this morn .
Gene C, San Antonio, TX
Greg and Mark, Let me take a moment to say that I noticed the donation from Heritage to ANA that was listed in the Numismatist. Thank you for your individual dedication to the hobby..., and that of Heritage. David Consolo
David C., Chagrin Falls, OH
Jim & Steve treated me exceptionally fairly, even to the point of over-extending themselves on my behalf.
H.C., Huntington Beach, CA
My first auction experience and it was all I expected and then some. BRAVO.
M. C., Flower Mound, TX
The pre and post sales experience was wonderful and flawless. Heritage has the best in-house operation I have ever seen and their people are not only professional but fun to work with, especially Steve C.

As for Heritage's online system… Yes the interface is more complex than what we are used to with SAN but what is behind that interface is amazing for sellers and buyers alike. It is real time and for a real serious auction buyer there is nothing better in the auction industry, bar none.
Ron Cipolla, AZ
Wow! You weren’t kidding when you said fasten your seatbelts! Thanks for putting me right up in the front row of the inaugural ride!! That was one crazy scary ride. And with that auctioneer behind the controls, I was expecting the wheels to fall off! Did you guys borrow him from the sports auctions section, or something? Just kidding, but I’m quite sure you’ll be hearing plenty about that guy from some of the other consignors!

It was great to be able to watch the auction online. I still can’t believe it. Although I didn’t watch the whole auction, I was watching when my little belt came up for bid. I also just looked over the prices realized for the items. I’m sure that there are some mixed feelings there, especially since some of the “big ticket” items did not sell. I guess I’m just thankful to be one of the lucky ones tonight.

I don’t know if it would eventually be possible to find out who the successful bidder on the belt was, but I would really like to find out, if possible. I keep telling my kids that I hope Greg Page (the former yellow Wiggle) bought it. (I was a huge Wiggles fan several years ago when my kids were younger, and they love to tease me about it). Really, I just hope that the belt eventually ends up on public display somewhere.
Tim Cottle
Lest it go unsaid, as it too often does, I just wanted to write and say thank you. I am very pleased with the results thus far, and feel that my reliance upon your guidance and advice about certain critical questions has been well placed. You know your business. And, from this client's perspective, you are tending to your job meticulously.

I know that Heritage is a force - obviously some brilliant and creative minds have been at work building/improvising its business model. It seems to me an enlightened kind of situation, because it is doing very well for itself by providing good service and genuine value to the clients who entrust it with things not only of value, but dear to them. Everybody donws that any powerhouse is only as good as it's people.
Paul H. Crockett, Miami, fL
I truly have been exceedingly impressed with Heritage Auctions. I have a feeling you will leave behind your logo of the 'third largest auction house', to the soon be the: 'leading auction house in the USA'...thank you again
A.D., n/a
I want to thank you for all of your assistance relative to my coin collection. You are a real professional. Have a great summer.
Alan D., Boston, MA
Your performance in handling auctions should be used as industry standards for other auction companies to rise to!
G.D., Albany, NY
Thank you for all of your help and professionalism. We met with Greg today, and sold most of our coin collection to him and your company, including our Stella. We are satisfied with what we received. We will be glad to do business with your company again in the near future and will recommend your company to our friends who collect coins.
A very classy operation.
K.D., Cumberland, RI
A very professional operation.
R.D., Maspeth, NY
From the preview party to the last lot to go under the hammer, everything was done in a remarkably professional manner. Kathleen Guzman, the auctioneer, called bids for both auctions with maybe a ten-minute lunch break between and an occasional sip of water. That her voice didn’t give out is a sign of her professionalism.
-Richard de Thuin
Maine Antique Digest
February 2014
Richard de Thuin, Waldoboro, ME
I have now had four successful auctions with Heritage and plan on at least several more with your firm. They have saved me an immense amount of time and effort while obtaining very satisfactory prices for the many and varied coin lots I had.
[Entire Letter]
Lowell J. DeMers, CPA, Los Angeles, CA
I would like to thank you for your professionalism and the sale of our coins to date.

We were certainly surprised to see that one of our coins was in the stratosphere as far as I am concerned.

My wife is talking to someone in your gallery concerning some art work. We are very sold on your company and on you.
Robert Douglas, Robinson, IL
A.E., Plaistow, NH
Your entire organization deserves to be complimented on how professional and cooperative they were.
B.V.E, San Jose, CA
I knew I could count on you.
Marc E., Berlin, Germany
The results from the recent auctions with Heritage were nothing short of spectacular.

The staff at Heritage are amazing to work with. My wife and I were given the "red carpet treatment" from the moment we walked in. We felt safe and secure the moment we arrived.

Their knowledge and expertise in the coin market has been very valuable when one decides to part with some or all of their collection. The auctions actually yielded way more than their pre sale estimates, which makes me feel very warm and fuzzy inside.

Thanks for everything.
Joe Eversole, Plainview, NY
Regarding the New Make an Offer beta program, just stumbled across this feature in the comic section. All I have to say is WOW!! This will be a game-changer for you. A brilliant move.
S., Wellesley, MA
Heritage runs one of the if not the most efficient/organized operations I have ever had the pleasure of working with. U.S. government (and a few others) could benefit by your business model! Thank You!!!
Sylvia F., Sacramento, CA
I just wanted to let you know how thrilled I am with the results of the auction. Friday night was a blast. I had a hard time sleeping I was so pumped up. :) Couldn't believe the way the one Thompson photo took off. It's funny, I actually like the other Thompson shot of Babe crossing home plate a little better. But to each his own, I suppose. Thank you for all of your assistance along the way. It was a pleasure doing business with you. This is my second consignment with Heritage (I consigned a rare book I found a few years back) and both experiences were top-notch. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Heritage to anyone.
Rob Fouch, Valley Stream, NY
Great news on the Peters just as Dad is going into surgery tonight. Thank you for all your fine efforts. Deeply appreciate how you always made it a breeze.
Gregory G., n/a
I am an auction buyer, having done business with most of the major auctionhouses in the United States. So I know a good auctioneer when I meet one. And so it was when I met Karen Rigdon, Director of Decorative Arts & Design at Heritage Auctions in Dallas. Karen makes her customers, whether they are buying or selling, feel that she is looking out for their best interests. She is forthright, honest and knowledgeable, qualities that are necessary for sustained success in the auction business. I always found Karen ready to discuss the value of a piece, its condition and rarity. Theese are the reasons why I have done business with Karen Rigdon over several years and will continue. She never disappoints.
Leah G., New York, NY
Jim - Thanks very much for your email. You are runnning a first class organization at Heritage so make sure everyone keeps up the good work. When I do sell my collection I look forward to seeing it presented in a Heritage catalogue.
Excellent company and auction presentations.
P.G., Pratt, KS
I cannot thank you enough for the time you took examining and inventorying the widely diverse inventory. The fact that you sold it all" right down to the cheap bulk lots and modern and foreign, and weren't just interested in the best pieces, speaks volumes to Heritage's reputation as the best in numismatics. I might also add that the promotion of the sale was excellent, which was surely a contributing factor in the prices realized from the sale exceeding even your presale estimate by 10-15%."
[Entire Letter]
Jay Goldman, Phoenix, AZ
On behalf of Frito Lay, I would like to again extend my deepest “Thank You” to you and your team at Heritage Auction Galleries for your exceptional efforts with the recent auction of a number of our selected fine art and vintage photo pieces. Your team did an exceptional job of exceeding our expectations in the advertising, handling and actual auction. You delivered on every commitment you made, including getting the maximum return on the pieces your firm auctioned for us with minimal demand or effort on our internal team.

Your team did an excellent job supporting every step in the process. Pre-bid advertising exceeded our expectations. Your photography team, that took the photos for the advertising catalogues and on-line advertising, made sure every piece was presented in the best representation of the original fine art or photograph. Your team, also, respected our desire to keep our company’s identity low key in order to minimize inquiries or calls that would have been disruptive during the auction process.

But most of all, we were pleased with the amazing outcome, which we are certain was possible because of the passion and care you had for the fine art and photo collection and the ability to attract both local and international bidding audience. The partnership of your team with our internal staff drove results that exceeded all of our expectations and was well recognized at our highest executive management level.
George A. Guck
Director, Facilities and Corporate Services
Frito Lay
I would rate your performance excellent. In addition, should I ever have any questions on any lots, I always know I can obtain top notch professional advice.
D.H., Greeley, CO
Your company always strives to accommodate any reasonable request.
E.H., Ft. Worth, TX
I think your auction firm is an asset to the hobby.
J.H., Durango, CO
I like your professional methods. Lot viewing is usually very easy & your assistants very accommodating.
M.H., Eugene, OR
I have been very pleased with the quality of coins offered and the efficiency and courtesy of your staff. Keep up the good work.
M.H., Swarthmore, PA
I have dealt with auction houses since 1950, as a small child, first at the local house, then during the 1960's Sothebys, Christies, and Old Parke Bernet et al, and I find the reason for the success of Heritage is not only its wide range of merchandise, also, it is in its quality of service, lacking at the old auction houses, which are mired in out dated models and mired in their own arrogance in their mode of the treatment of customers, at Heritage, I receive hands on service, helpful attitudes, that stimulate interest and loyalty. Just recently, Christies turned down a fine Joe Jones oil on canvas, because an old auction record put his limit at 6,500, below their 10,000 dollar minimum, the painting sold a month later at Link in St. Louis for 85,000 including premium or so.
Michael H., Saint Louis, MO
Very professional and pleasant to work with.
R.H., Townsend, MA
Overall performance is excellent. Your staff is professional yet courteous.
W.S.H., Denver, CO
We watched the auction live on your website and must tell you what fun it was! Sherrie had four of her girlfriends staying at our guest cottage and we all watched together – with plenty of refreshments. I must say how impressed we were with the way that the Heritage Live web page presented the information on each item. The picture of each piece, the brief description, incoming bids, what paintings were coming up next in the queue and, of course, the auctioneer; all perfectly organized and presented! Your service was great. We will highly recommend Heritage to anyone we know who is looking for an auction house! Did I ever mention we contacted Sotheby’s first because my family had done business with them in the past? I sent a descriptive email, with an image of the painting attached, to their Towson Md. office. It took over two weeks to receive a reply! When they finally did reply, they said I needed to send an image of the painting. Rather than tell them I already had, I simply sent another image. Nearly two more weeks went by before I heard from them again. By then, we had signed on with you. They ultimately expressed surprise when I told them to forget the whole thing! Mystifying.
Ray Holland, Chester Gap, VA
Last Saturday I was helping a friend work his cattle. Within the herd were some that he had purchased earlier from me . As the ropers dallied up and dragged the calfs to the fire, I mentioned to my friend that I thought that there were certain calfs in the bunch that seemed to be a little more cooperative than some of the others, especially in light of the fact that it was branding day. I suggested to him that those that were most cooperative must surely have come from the group that I had previously sold him. I went on to say that undoubtedly this was due to their superior genetics and the proper training they had received from their previous owner! He laughed and said that he had always been happy with the stock that he had gotten from me. Made me feel good.

I got to thinking about this and was again reminded of how important it is that all of us make it a point to communicate to others our appreciation for their good services or products. All too often we're quick to criticize a man for his imperfections, and totally deficient in praising him for his good works.

I am most pleased in the manner in which Heritage Auction Company performed regarding the sale of my antique UMC Cartridge board at your Dallas auction on Dec, 14, 2014. When we first met at my home you recognized the uniqueness of the board and offered excellent analysis and insight as to its marketability. At that time you also provided encouragement by sharing with me the tremendous and loyal following that Heritage has cultivated over the years among its bidder's base. It quickly became apparent to me that Heritage had a base from which it was able to draw serious and capable buyers.

Certainly much of the success we realized on sale day was due to the condition of the cartridge board itself. Over the years I have seen many, but this one was truly outstanding. Its color, condition and completeness was unsurpassed. Even the label from the manufacturer was still present on the paper on the backside of the board. I believe that the new owner may correctly consider himself to now be the owner of one of the finest, if not the finest cartridge boards in the country. No question that it is an investment grade piece. Having said that, none of these features would have been appreciated by the bidding public had they not been adequately disclosed and described in the auction catalogue. Good cataloging and lot descriptions are critical. Thank you so much for your fine placement of the photograph of the Cartridge Board and the detailed lot description you provided in the catalogue. Also, it certainly helped to have it featured in a full page photograph on the inside of the rear cover. All of this resulted in a sale price that exceeded the projected estimated amounts. Excellent work!

Thanks again to you and best wishes for an enjoyable new year,
Jim Holmes, Des Moines, IA
It was very nice getting re-acquainted with you at the Baltimore Show. Thanks so much for taking the time to talk with me and look at my coins. There will be many more coins from this collection coming to you at future shows. I have sent quite a few for grading.

I really appreciate the friendly and straightforward way you do business, and I wanted to take a minute to tell you so.
Mark Holtz, Cedar Rapids, IA
Anne and I want to thank you for the professional handling of the auction of our California national currency collection. We could not be more proud of it especially based on the truly wonderful catalog you produced. The response and comments we have recieved (and are still recieving) make us very proud... Last but not least we were very pleased with the monetary results of the auction.
[Entire Letter]
Lowell Horwedel, West Lafayette, IN
I want to let you know the great job Jill Burgum has done for me. From the time I first met her on the Seattle Antiques Roadshow in August 2012 until the Heritage jewelry auction on December 9, 2013, Jill has done an outstanding job. Several times I contacted her for general advice and she was most accommodating and quick to respond to any question I had. Once I decided to sell the piece, Jill could not have been more helpful with advice and guidance in bringing my family heirloom to auction. I know she has gone out of her way to assist me in making sure I understood the real value of this piece. Needless to say I was overwhelmed by the results of the auction and I truly believe it was Jill’s efforts in promoting and displaying the piece that brought in the extra value.
Joan, Arlington, MN
Our experience with Heritage Auction was an exceptional success, due to their expertise and diligence given to achieve maximum results. I recommend Heritage Auction to the serious seller and buyer.
J.G.J., Elgin, AZ
Jim, thanks for being there for me when I have a question about a coin I'm thinking of buying!
John J., Seattle, WA
Thanks again for all of your wonderful work -- much of which has been far beyond the call of duty!
L.S.J., Houston, TX
Thank you for your quick response. I am a member of Heritage Auctions and I am happy to say that it is truly a great platform.
Mohammed J., Durban, KZ
I would really like to extend my gratitude and much appreciated support after my husband's death. The whole staff at Heritage made the difficult process of selling my husband's treasured collection much less painful through their understanding.
S.J., Clarksburg, WV
I just wanted to thank you for putting out one of the BEST Collectible magazines I have read in a while. Being a collector of 40 years and a dealer for 20 years I have seen alot of Antique Trade publications come and go. This is one of the few magazines that I read every article. I like the wide variety of collectibles your writers cover. I am looking forward to the next issue.
Jeff Jaeger
I have done volume business with you and never regretted it.
J.K., Redford, MI
Thanks so much for all you did! I was very pleasantly surprised by what the coin sold for. Received the check last week, my kitchen redecorating starts next week. It was a pleasure doing business with you.
M.K., Albany, NY
I want you to know how much I appreciated the honor that all of your work bestowed on my father. The photographs, the write-up about the collection, and the bids received would have made him very proud. Dad predicted that his coins would command a premium; they did, and I am very happy with the results.
[Entire Letter]
Edwin Katten
I just wanted to reach out to you again and let you know what a wonderful experience I had dealing with the Heritage Auction in New York City on November 19th. I first learned of your company through Jim Atkinson and I found the events leading up to the auction, the auction itself, and the communication thereafter to be very professional. Not being experienced in these matters I really appreciated you holding my hand as the auction unfolded. It goes without saying that after the auction when we had a chance to have dinner together and get to know each other it even made it a better experience for me. I look forward to getting more involved with Heritage in the Future.
Eric King, Albany, NY
Dear Steve,

Special thanks for the handling the estate of my beloved grandfather, Jack L. Klausen. His passing was a confusing and challenging time. As you know, my grandfather had been a coin dealer for over 40 years. Fortunately, for us, he had planned to place his collection with Heritage in his remaining days.

From the consigning with Bob Merrill, the cataloging by Bob Korver, to the personal updates from you, I felt comfortable with the handling of such an important collection. The advertising was ample and the catalog descriptions from the legendary pioneer gold expert, Donald. H. Kagin, PhD, spoke volumes of the quality that Heritage had to offer.

The auction results exceeded our expectations and the settlement was prompt. I would not hesitate to use your services again or recommend them to someone else.


Ken Klausen
For the Jack L. & Winifred Klausen Family Trust
I'm writing this to express my thanks to Jason Friedman for his above average performance helping me with my Consignment and other matters. Any time I had a question, concern or needed information, he responded immediately. I found Jason very helpful and easy to work with. He is a credit to your organization.

I also want to mention Matt Orsini. I wanted some advice on how to reinvest my Consignment proceeds and he was very helpful. He gave me some general areas on which to focus and also some specific lots to consider. He also immediately responded to any of my requests. My current area of focus is new to me and I found his help very valuable.

I'm very pleased to be working with Jason and Matt and look forward to doing so in the future.
James Paul Klein, Staunton, VA
Keep up the good work!
D.L., Los Angeles, CA
good job!!!! Just wanted to let you know that I got good customer service.

Lost out on the cockrum xmen about 10k more than i thought at 50k but someone just wanted it more. Did win the FF annual cover so that was nice.

anyway, thanks for your help and looking forward to future auctions.
J.L., Garden Grove, CA
Very thorough, almost scholarly. Very accurate and honest. Kept the catalog as a future reference volume.
M.L., Rosemont, IL
It was a great day! Thank you for the great work! Please let him know I would like visitation rights! But, seriously I appreciate your help and attention on the sale. Have a great weekend.
Richard L., Island Park, NY
Far as I'm concerned, the real superheroes are those great guys at Heritage. I really lucked out when I met 'em 'cause they got me prices that exceeded my wildest expectations, plus it was a real kick to work with them. I don't want this to sound like a TV commercial but, so help me Spidey, there's no one I'd rather entrust with my collection. Excelsior!
Stan Lee
I want to personally thank you for your excellent assistance in helping sell my recent consignments in the European sale as well as the Calif. American sale. I appreciated you highlighting the Wendt painting which eventually sold very well at auction. I also appreciated your including the Lockwood de Forest paintings for special viewing even though they were of lesser importance. I look forward to several future consignments with Heritage and with your continued guidance and expertise. Sincerely, William Levin, M.D.
William Levin, M.D., Beverly Hills, CA
On behalf of our Central States Family, I wish to express our sincere appreciation for a great auction held at our 63rd Anniversary Convention in Columbus, Ohio, last week. As your sale totals attest, expectations were exceeded in every respect. Our Board voted to negotiate another three-year contract with your firm for upcoming auctions. It has been a genuine pleasure to be associated with your excellent company. Best wishes for the future.
Ray Lockwood,
Immediate Past-President
Central States Numismatic Society, Marion, Indiana
I just received my summer issue of your magazine. I was so pleased with it I had to sit right down and write to you. I have been a collector and had antique shops for a long, long time. I never had a reference type magazine like yours, which I would have loved. It taught me a lot in just one issue.

I always mark the pages in magazines that I want to look back on and reread. Almost every page in your magazine has my marker on it. I shall be busy reading for a long while. Thank you again. Keep up the good work. I hope to be able to consign with you soon.
Jeanne Lynch, Reading, MA
You always do an excellent job at all your auctions I have attended.
J.M., San Antonio, TX
I am pleased to express my appreciation for the studies evaluation and apperception of my lifetime art collection of the 60’s and 80’s. Express my appreciation for the editorial quality of documentation of artist/artisan creations. Express my appreciation of the publications superiority that your graphics personal achieved in the media/internet presentations. Express my appreciation in the team-family-attitude which the full staff asked me to join to complete the final auction success.

As art director for the framed Braniff International Airways I was known as a never-satisfied-media-task-master. Today, I stand gladdened and honored that your staff members worked as though the collection was their own to return to the world. Congratulations on a job well done… strike that, add...for a job magnificently done.
Overall, I think you are doing an excellent job, particularly with your Signature sales.
M.M., Scottsdale, AZ
I think your auction is the best one I have ever participated in. It is well done!
R.M., Ft. Collins, OH
This is just a note to thank you for all your help. As I told you, I received the first check today. I want especially to thank you for your courtesy and professionalism. I felt taken care of. I am pretty sure I’ll continue to collect coins in the future, and I just want you to know that working with you and Heritage has been a very gratifying experience. I’ll let you know when I receive the remainder. Thank you so much.
Stephen M., New York, NY
I think Heritage is the best in the business.
T.M., Ukiah, CA
It’s been 5 months since you came down to Metuchen but I often think about the experience I had departing with my trusted comic book collection. Overall, I had a truly positive experience with Heritage. I wouldn’t hesitate for a minute to recommend you to other comic book collectors or owners of fine arts. You made the sale of hundreds of my books easy to deal with and I liked the way you broke it up over a period of months to even out the auction outcomes. Again, thank you for your professionalism.
I just wanted you to know how thankful I am for all of you and the whole Heritage team that made it all happen. My Confederate Cent sold in Orlando as you know. It was hard to part with but with my cancer coming back I needed to raise the funds to put my last boy through college at SMU and you all did it. The write up was the finest in the history of the Confederate cent!!!!! I have never read such a thorough and well done piece. Thanks for using all your catalogues from the late 1800's to research this!! The marketing was exceptional from the photos to the ads in Civil War Times and North South Trader for the cross over people!!! I have had many emails from my Civil War collecting fraternity that saw these and I saw them at the national show in Nashville/Franklin in early December. Tell Noah Fleisher his writing was very nicely done on the ads also will you as I dont have his email address. He made me want to bid on my coin and buy it back!! Every thing was perfectly done.  Again thanks for helping Leslie and I get our last boy through college.
Dave Noble, Rockwall, TX
It was a pleasure doing business with Heritage in Indianapolis. I look forward to your future sales.
E.O., Indianapolis, IN
The auction was a success! Your guidance and expertise has been so helpful. Having never participated in an auction, it was reassuring to have your input as to what you felt would do well at auction. The results speak for themselves thanks to you!
Doug P., North Hollywood, CA
Rock & Roll with Heritage into the 21st century of numismatics.
J.P., Euclid, OH
I received and returned the docu sign. You guys are top shelf for professionalism. Miles ahead of your competitors.
John P., Santa Fe, NM
Your corporate efficiency and detail FAR exceeds your competitors.
John P., Santa Fe, NM
Heritage has been my number ONE choice for both buying and selling coins for the last five years-and will be for the next ten as well!
J.Q., Reston, VA
Heritage offers extensive and professional auction services.
M.R., Merrick, NY
Please give a big thank you to the entire Heritage team who made this happen. Everyone was a pleasure to work with and Heritage delivered beyond our expectations.
Cheryl Rubin, Sr. Vice President-Brand Management DC Comics, New York, NY
What a great experience. It was a lot of fun watching it all on Saturday. We are so excited about how it turned out. So very happy.
A.S., Corona Del Mar, CA
The HNAI staff does an excellent job, and they are a pleasure to deal with.
D.S., Shawnee Mission, KS
I think you run a very good auction.
D.S., Shelbyville, KY
Overall, you do a very good professional job.
G.S., Rosemead, CA
I wanted to express my THANKS" for sending the catalogues. I will be on the look out for a hardbound copy of your first sale, and I wish you and HNAI well with the continuation of the same!"
K.S., Lincoln, NE
What an excellent job you did, and I am very pleased with this first sale.
Thaya S., Newark, NJ
I have found that Heritage deserves its reputation for providing excellent customer service. One thing I really like about Heritage is the fact that you inspect the books for special value. Heritage has done an exceptional job at culling high-grade books from runs I send them, then forwarding those books to CGC for grading and slabbing. Frankly, the prices realized on some of these books are just this side of unbelievable. Heritage has done, and continues to do, a great job selling our collection. With thousands of comic books still in the garage, I look forward to continuing a great partnership – until our children graduate, or I finally run out of comics.
Bruce Scott, Alaska
Just wanted to drop you a quick note and tell you how impressed I was with your auctioneer, Michael Sadler. As you know I have attended auctions of all types on a worldwide basis, and I have to say Michael is one of the best I have seen. Confident, commanding, entertaining, and professional, he definitely helped to make you some additional BP on Saturday night. He is a money maker, and an asset to Heritage. If my clients were to auction something of significance, having him as the auctioneer would be a deal maker as far as I am concerned.
Kevin A. Swersey, Hawthorne, NY
Running a good operation... makes attending a Heritage auction fun.
A.T., Springfield, MO
It's simply amazing to participate in one of your auctions.
B.T., San Diego, CA
Excellent firm. Please keep up the professional work.
C.T., Bristol, TN
I have been very satisfied with the performance and the variety of coins offered in your sales.
P.T., Aston, PA
Predictably, you were correct, Fechin prices are unpredictable!  Thanks for you able assistance.  We are so pleased.
From the Consignor, El Rito, NM
I wish to thank you for everything. I can not imagine getting better treatment, from beginning to end, anywhere else. This experience felt like an alliance with friends who happen to be professionals. I worked with a very special group. They, and I can easily assume, all their company, are personable, professional and thoroughly knowledgeable. This is an important process. Being professional, when handling your precious property is paramount, and they are. Everything is organized. They've done this many times and do it well. These are hands I trust. As for numbers, they will weigh n on the conservative side for auction results. This is a good thing so you won't be let down. In reality, no one can predict an auction. Heritage Auctions is very well keyed into the evolving market place, what better exposure can anyone ask for? With detailed personal attention given to placement, advertising, descriptions and photography, the end result in the hammer prices was excellent and far exceeded our expectations.
From the Consignor, n/a
Heritage Auctions has made MANY things possible for me. Thanks, Heritage!
Maggie Thompson, Iola, WI
Jan. 9 was my 33rd wedding anniversary; we figured on an early steak and wine dinner (lunch). Then that old cowboy Bob Merrill stepped up to the auctioneer's podium. Yi-ha! I sent the little lady upstairs, put on my boots and Stetson, strapped on my hog iron, went to the ice box and grabbed a couple of longnecks and took them into my office. I popped open one of the beers, put my boots up on the desk, turned up the volume on my monitor and followed my watch list and while I was outbid on my proof Walkers I got a winning bid on a 67+ CAC BTW. Shoot, anniversaries don't come much better than that!
Stan Trybulski, Branford, CT
Yes, absolutely GREAT, we saw it in the live auction. I just called my father, he was near to a heart attack! We are so HAPPY!
Regina V., Guster, Germany
Mr. Walker was amazing!! Before the auction he communicated via phone and email with Lindsay and I. He came up with ideas that assisted us in the auction. His demeanor was very pleasant and he went out of his way to make everyone feel comfortable with him and what he was doing for us there. He took the time to highlight our students and gave them the chance to talk. He emphasized that our goal was to fund scholarships for students. His skills allowed our organization come pretty close to our goal. We are extremely pleased with your company. Personally, I will ensure that if we go back to Dallas area we ask you guys for Mr. Walker again. I got nothing but praises from you and your team!!
Rafael Vega, Miami, FL
Dearest Heritage Auctions,
I wish to thank you for everything. I can not imagine getting better treatment, from beginning to end, anywhere else.
This experience felt like an alliance with friends who happen to be professionals. I worked with a very special group. They, and I can easily assume, all their company, are personable, professional and thoroughly knowledgeable.
This is an important process. Being professional, when handling your precious property, is paramount, and they are. Everything is organized. They’ve done this many times and do it well. These are hands I trust.
As for numbers, they will weigh in on the conservative side for auction results. This is a good thing so you won’t be let down. In reality, no one can predict an auction.
Heritage Auctions is very well keyed into the evolving market place, what better exposure can anyone ask for? With detailed personal attention given to placement, advertising, descriptions and photography, the end result in hammer prices was excellent and far exceeded our expectations.
With deepest gratitude and appreciation,
We wish you continued success,

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Consignor of The Virginia Cabinet
Every aspect is handled so professionally yet with the right mix of humor and fun.
D.W., Lake Placid, FL
I find dealing with your auction company to be a continually pleasing experience.
D.W., Dallas, TX
I have used only Heritage in disposing of my collection.
E.W., Crestview Hills, KY
We are delighted with you and Heritage Auctions!!! And we are amazed at the bids at the auction so far.
Kenneth W., Livermore, CA
You have done a terrific job!  I am so pleased.  Thank you for your professionalism, it's been a complete pleasure dealing with you. 
Merti, W., San Francisco, CA
All in all — very excellent operation.
R.W., Grayslake, IL
Heritage handled the entire matter very professionally, as usual.

After Heritage takes its 10% of the total, allowing for the two coupons I submitted for two of the coins, I will, by my calculations, make a handsome profit. I am very satisfied with Heritage.

Thank you again for your advice and assistance throughout the submission process.
John Walzer, Philadelphia, PA
I want to thank you for all you did to make the whole auction experience a good one. Of course we are thrilled and shocked by the outcome. I know that when you left my home with the art your work began. I dont know all you did but feel you had a hand with the lovely cover of the catalog ( thanks for the extras you sent!), the descriptions and research you did on the art. I imagine the effort you did helped get the final prices on the art and I appreciate it greatly.

I hope we can do this again next year so please put me on your calendar!

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Cori Williamson
I have dealt with all the major firms, but only Heritage meets my expectations of professionalism.
B.Y., Verona, NJ
You are excellent to do business with.
G.Z., Boca Raton, FL