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Client Testimonials

Marilyn MonroeMarilyn Monroe
Ethan Wayne Discusses the Personal Property of the John Wayne Auction. Watch video. Read Testimonial.
Heritage President Greg Rohan and Ryan Givens on the ANDERSON LIVE show, discussing the 1913 Nickel with Heritage client, Anderson Cooper. Watch video.
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My most significant auction purchase ever was my first experience with HA. I bought John Young’s Apollo 16 LM Flown Crewman Optical Alignment Sight from Space Exploration Auction 6033.

I have since purchased about a dozen Apollo artifacts through HA, and although I have also interacted with five other auction houses this year, HA stands head and shoulders above the rest. You would think Bonhams and such would try to differentiate on service, but only HA does. They make it difficult to bid online and to complete a transaction (good luck arranging your own shipper).

In fact, I cannot think of a better service-oriented firm, from any industry. Not Nordstrom, Blue Nile, or any other. I have interacted with countless people at HA over the past year, by email (172 times), phone and live bidding, and have had a quick, informative, helpful and confidence-building experience with every one.
You have a great company. I have bid with your firm at least 11 years.
V.A., New York, NY
I purchased 3 Saints over the past week or so (2 from your inventory and 1 from auction) and the service I got from Heritage representatives was simply amazing. I received 2 of the 3 (a 1913-S and 1909/8) and the quality was what I expected from Heritage - excellent. Heritage's pictures of the coins exceed expectations and allow for unregretable purchases. I cannot say enough how much I appreciate Heritage and everything they do for the hobby I love.
Rick B., Jacksonville, FL
Many many many thanks Ed.

It is thanks to this kind of attitude, people like you and so many others in all the departments of Heritage !!! that Heritage is positioned where it is.

Neither Sotheby’s or Christie’s will even make an effort to amend mistakes which are by far much greater than the one occurred last Friday.

This is despite the fact that my partner Ronald Ooi, and I are paying millions of dollars in buyer’s premiums alone to Sotheby’s & Christie’s; dozens folds of the business we are giving to you…

There are many things in the way Heritage is conducting business which are filling voids in the action world and are completely ignored by the two “giants” (and many others).

We have close relations with many of the world leading dealers and collectors of jewelry and other important departments. Everybody is fed up and waiting for something that is not “more of the same”…

We will ship most of the items to the Lalique museum in France, defiantly all the tableware. I’ll let you know shortly.
Ronald & S B., n/a
This was my first time with your firm. I was pleased with all aspects of your handling my bids.
J.C., Albron, NC
You do an excellent job providing the collector with a great choice of coins.
T.T.C., Mobile, AL
Great coins, lovely catalogs, accurate description and grades (whether raw or slabbed). If you cannot view the coins personally, you can still bid with confidence, something you cannot say about all competitors.
M.G., New City, NY
You will never be ripped off, scammed, or knowingly sold fakes on Heritage's ongoing online coin auctions, and sometimes the deals are amazing! One of my favorite ways to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon is to cyber-cherrypick through Heritage's wonderful, clear, huge images, looking for the overlooked minor doubled die, repunched mintmark, or other variety. As if current auctions weren't enough, Heritage has a free online archive of more than a million coin images! You can do price research, grade comparisons, you name it (heck, I could almost write a whole article about the ways to use Heritage's Web site!).
Susan Headley
Coin Host/Journalist,, New York, NY
Good to meet you in LA last week, and congratulations on an excellent and memorable auction! I am sending you a pic taken by my to-be son-in-law at the venue. I relocated with my family to the US only about a year back and had wondered if I would perhaps run into stallone sometime. I first saw Stallone in Rocky 3 in a 1985 re-release in Mumbai, India. I was then 16 years old- the proverbial 90 pound weakling, lining in one of the poorer neighborhoods in Mumbai, and going through a rough patch. The movie quite literally changed my life. I have included a pic of me in Sly's Rocky 3 Cashmere overcoat, would much appreciate if it is possible for you to forward this email to Sly to let him know the overcoat is in good hands, and will be well taken care of, (as will be the Rambo knife forging tools, the other lot I won!) Wish you very happy holidays and a great 2016!
Atul J., Irvine, CA
This was my first bid, by mail, in one of your auctions and I was very pleased with every aspect.
J.L., Ft. Wayne, IN
I never attend a Heritage auction that I don't leave with a treasure in my pocket.
A.M., Oceanside, CA
Hey hope you had a prosperous trip thank you for having Rusty call and confirm my bids. It is a pleasure working with you personally and with all your associates. Your company enables me to have the utmost trust and confidence in dealing with a coin Co. I hope we can continue building our relationship in the future. Again my sincere thanks and be well.
To Whom it may Concern, Just wanted to say that I have been very pleased with all of my purchases & transactions with Heritage. Your staff have been very helpful & my purchases are always mailed ASAP. I have never been disappointed with your customer service & have been a Heritage customer for approximately 20 years. Thank You, Monte Rosson
Monte R., Alexandria, VA
I can bid with confidence that I will obtain lots at the lowest possible price in Heritage auctions.
D.S., Miamisburg, OH
Being somewhat of a nervous auction purchaser I was so pleased to be able to work with the staff at the Heritage Auction House in Dallas. Everyone and I mean everyone was helpful, patient and professional. I was looking to purchase a Tiffany Studios floral lamp (a major purchase for me) and had a number of questions concerning authenticity and condition. The staff was very informed and if they did not know the answer they quickly found out the facts and contacted me within a reasonable amount of time. Their kindness and promptness was unmatched by any other auction house that we have experienced. Nick Dawes was especially helpful in assisting me to understand that the piece I wished to bid on was not only all original but in excellent condition. His wealth of information made it possible for me to bid with confidence. I sincerely look forward to working with the staff at Heritage, in the future.
Harry S., Omaha, NE
Bidding in auctions like yours is certainly the best way to buy coins. Great selection, time to evaluate your bids and the price you want. Your catalogs are always well made and enjoyable to read and look at.
J.S., Fairfield, OH
Very good selection of scarce material as well as some for the average collector.
J.S., Rochester, MN
I like the phone" book coin catalogs and am very pleased with the staff's performance. I will continue bidding on your sales."
P.S., Sioux Falls, SD
Another Heritage Signature World Coin Auction just opened and what happened next is what has happened for just about every such auction for almost a decade. I reviewed the catalog on-line and sent Jim Jelinski a list of about a dozen world gold coins that interested me. As always, Jim carefully examined the coins and promptly called me to discuss the merits of each. Among the topics of discussion: The luster, strike, color and surfaces of each coin, the general eye appeal (very important), the level of demand, how the coin fits within my collecting goals and Jim’s overall assessment (not always positive – also very important). Then Jim ranked the coins from first to last. What I especially appreciate is that Jim’s rankings are based on an overall assessment of the coins and not just grade or price. Because of his thorough analysis I’ve been comfortable making strong bids for coins we both like and thus I’ve been able to win my fair share of lots. I’ve been extremely satisfied with every coin I’ve purchased based on Jim’s recommendation. I can’t imagine building a collection any other way.

Jim is not only there for me during auctions but also for anything else I need coin-wise. A little over a year ago I had a coin (purchased before I began working with Jim) that was in a major grading service MS63 holder but was in fact tooled. Jim and Heritage helped shepherd the coin through a back and forth with the grading service (at one point they mistakenly believed the coin to be counterfeit) until a satisfactory conclusion was reached. Jim and Heritage spent I don’t how many hours on this without hesitation. What fantastic customer service! Of course when the time comes to sell Jim will be the one I’ll call.

I would highly recommend building a collection with Jim’s input. Not only will you have a better collection, but you’ll enjoy working with a friendly and interesting person who has your best interests at heart.
Richard C. Stern, Brooklyn, NY
I've been meaning to contact you to say thank you for your kindness at the Stallone auction last month. My name is Gary and I traveled from Australia with my Dad for the auction. I've been a fan of Stallone's all of my life and those few days were very special to me. I gave Sly his 50 year old high school yearbook as a gift - as much as I wanted to keep it in my collection, it brought me a lot joy seeing how much it meant to him. I wanted to specifically thank you for your time at the auction, and for the signed copy of the auction catalog that you presented to me. I was planning to buy one regardless, but to receive it in that manner and to have Sly personalize it to me was something very special. I was incredibly happy with the items I bought at the auction, but those few minutes I had with Sly mean more than any collectible item to me. Thank you and congratulations on a great auction, it was truly a once in a lifetime experience. I look forward to taking part in future heritage auctions.
Gary T., Brisbane, AU
Heritage produces astounding catalogs. Anyone who cannot easily bid in a Heritage auction, can't bid anywhere.
H.W., Memphis, TN