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Client Testimonials

Marilyn MonroeMarilyn Monroe
Ethan Wayne Discusses the Personal Property of the John Wayne Auction. Watch video. Read Testimonial.
Heritage President Greg Rohan and Ryan Givens on the ANDERSON LIVE show, discussing the 1913 Nickel with Heritage client, Anderson Cooper. Watch video.
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I just had to compliment you on possibly the most beautiful collection of silver at auction that I have ever seen in the US. One knockout after another. It must have taken you a lot of time and effort to pull this together. But what a delight to behold. I have forwarded to a special client and friend who mentioned starting a trophy collection to me a few months ago. If ever the time was ripe for that, this auction is it. Thank you so much for making me smile. Lots to love in it.
Our experience with Carolyn Mani was nothing short of exceptional. We had the daunting task of liquidating a sizable estate with quite a few collections that we knew nothing about. Carolyn not only had vast knowledge of what was valuable and saleable but for specific pieces she brought in her team to evaluate and estimate. All of this was heavy weight lifted from us during a difficult time. Carolyn?s professionalism and personal network also helped in other services we needed that she did not provide. She went the extra mile in putting us in touch with the right people. We continue to work with Carolyn and consider her a great connection and trusted advisor in any of our future auction needs.? [View Lot]
Anonymous, Olathe, Kansas
Thanks for everything Alissa! Working with you has been my pleasure. You took the time to hold my hand through the entire process and were careful to answer all of my questions as they arose. I will have to say, that for my first time placing an item for auction, the experience has been a pleasant adventure. You were more than willing to hold my hand through the process and we had satisfactory results. Should I ever decide to auction any other pieces, I will be certain to contact you again. Best of luck in the future!
Anonymous, n/a
Just a quick note to thank you, Homer, and Aviva for the wonderful job you did in selling our Haseltine painting. There have been a number of articles in the press lately that indicate that only certain segments of the art market are in demand. I must admit it was a little scary seeing all the other items of comparable value being passed by. We’re especially thankful that Aviva was able to make the right contacts to let them know that our painting was available. And the loaner frame she arranged for was fantastic! We are very glad that we selected Heritage - The whole Heritage Team was a pleasure to do business with!
Richard Ash, Digby, Canada
Meagen, we can't thank you enough for the service that you and HA did on our behalf in liquidating these pieces. ?It was text book in every step of the way. ?The brochure was beautiful and the presentation beyond belief. ?You guys really know what you're doing and are extremely customer oriented. ?A job well done!!! ?Thanks Again. ?We definitely will contact you for your advice and recommendations as we move forward in our 'Golden Years'. ?
G. and M. B.
As a consignor to your recent silver, art glass and fine art auction, I want you to know how pleased I am with my decision to consign with Heritage Auction Galleries. It was certainly a leap of faith for me to send my treasured Tiffany silver tea set off in the mail to you. However, I found that my faith was well placed when my set realized far more than the price that I was offered by a local dealer.

Please also extend my compliments to your cataloging and marketing staff. The catalog was truly beautiful, and I was indeed pleasantly surprised to find that my consignment graced the cover. I'm sure that I also benefited from the prominent placement of my tea set in some of your impressive print advertisements in various national publications.

At every stage of the consignment process, I was reassured by your product knowledge and professionalism. I appreciate all that you did to ensure that my consignment realized the highest possible price, and look forward to working with you again in the future.

C. B., Leesburg, VA
I was very pleased to see the results of the auction of the Bears. I would like to comment on what a pleasure it is dealing with you I was unaware of the size and scope of your organization until I received the catalog. You displayed the highest level of professionalism and knowledge. The high price received is a direct reflection of your hard work and integrity. Heritage is fortunate to have you representing them.
Richard B., Ogden, UT
Hi Leon, I also am pleased and appreciate that 4 of my 5 photographs were placed. Regarding the one that did not sell, I’ll consider my options and let you know what direction I think is best. During the process, as you are aware, I worked with Taylor Curry who did an excellent job of discussing and explaining each step. He was very easy to work with, attentive to details and maintained contact with me throughout. In my estimation Taylor exemplified professionalism and in that respect clearly added value to Heritage Auctions as their representative. I appreciate his involvement and was pleased that I was given the chance to work with him. It was a very positive experience for me. Sincere Regards, Robert
Robert B., Philadelphia, PA
I have been working with Leon Benrimon for over 10 years. He has always brought energy, detail and transparency to our art deals. He?s able to share knowledge and compare notes on the auction market that brings a sense of clarity that I not only appreciate but respect. [View Lot]
Adam Biesk, West Hollywood, California
Meagen McMillan, a true professional every step of the way. Job well done!!
George & Margaret Brackett
Professional line of communication with Ariana Hartsock, item sold for a record high amount.
Jerry Brown
I contacted Heritage Auction House about auctioning our Olin Travis painting "Lakeside" and our W.R. Thrasher bluebonnett painting. Heritage was so knowledgeable about our paintings and answered all of our questions. They were also very understanding and respectful of our situation and our need to sell our family treasures.

From the time that I took our paintings to Heritage she kept in contact with me either by e-mail or by phone. We were very honored that "Lakeside" was featured on the front of the auction catalog and the article about it was accurate and exceptional.
M. & P. C., Dallas, TX
The best aspect of my consignment process with Heritage Auctions was getting a pre-auction quote online and working with such professionals. [View Lot]
D.D., Splendora, Texas
From the preview party to the last lot to go under the hammer, everything was done in a remarkably professional manner. Kathleen Guzman, the auctioneer, called bids for both auctions with maybe a ten-minute lunch break between and an occasional sip of water. That her voice didn’t give out is a sign of her professionalism.
-Richard de Thuin
Maine Antique Digest
February 2014
Richard de Thuin, Waldoboro, ME
I knew I could count on you.
Marc E., Berlin, Germany
I am delighted with your assistance and encouragement in placing my item for auction with Heritage Auctions,?and the efforts you made to be accommodating in these difficult times. If all the other specialists at Heritage are as pleasant, efficient, and knowledgable as you are, then it and its clients are indeed fortunate. [View Lot]
E.H., San Rafael, California
It looks like some of the pieces realized much?higher bids than expected! My experience with Heritage Auctions has been great. Thank you for your help and patience as we went through the process of assessing my collection. It was especially easy to?be able to bring my items to the Beverly?Hills location to?have the?items packed and shipped to?Dallas. I look forward to reaping the rewards of my consignments. [View Lot]
H.M., Pacific Palisades, California
Hi Alissa, you are a Super Auctioneer! I was on line watching for about 30 minutes before mine came up and had no idea what was about to happen. It seemed there was a hesitation when bidding started and I felt a little worried I had made the wrong decision in offering it at auction. My jaw dropped and I was stunned as the bidding started and kept going. I was shaken and could only close my eyes and bow my head over my laptop realizing how this would affect my situation in such a positive way. My sincere thanks and appreciation for the professionalism in handling, promoting, and selling my painting. I am so greatfull to you Alissa, and Meagen, and the Heritage team for a job well done!
David H., Dallas, TX
I sent out several inquiries, but Moyun is the primary reason I went with Heritage. She is extremely knowledgeable. I’m so impressed with her; she is so friendly and engaging and nobody treated me like she did. It feels like she’s family.
Linda H., Washington, D.C.
We watched the auction live on your website and must tell you what fun it was! Sherrie had four of her girlfriends staying at our guest cottage and we all watched together – with plenty of refreshments. I must say how impressed we were with the way that the Heritage Live web page presented the information on each item. The picture of each piece, the brief description, incoming bids, what paintings were coming up next in the queue and, of course, the auctioneer; all perfectly organized and presented! Your service was great. We will highly recommend Heritage to anyone we know who is looking for an auction house! Did I ever mention we contacted Sotheby’s first because my family had done business with them in the past? I sent a descriptive email, with an image of the painting attached, to their Towson Md. office. It took over two weeks to receive a reply! When they finally did reply, they said I needed to send an image of the painting. Rather than tell them I already had, I simply sent another image. Nearly two more weeks went by before I heard from them again. By then, we had signed on with you. They ultimately expressed surprise when I told them to forget the whole thing! Mystifying.
Ray Holland, Chester Gap, VA
So exciting!!! Thank you for the wonderful job Heritage did with promotion of this piece. So appreciative. My client will be so pleased. Appreciate you!
Laura I., Tulsa, OK
Wow, you are good! I am impressed (as always) by your workmanship as well as by your understanding and passion for American Art. I am glad the photography auction did so much better than it looked from the room. My auction experience has always been in pretty much filled rooms with many phone lines operated, so I think I just lept to judgment. Looking forward to previewing the American Art -- our gallerie's area of knowledge and interest -- this evening. The catalogue has some beauties! And your friendship, as well as your excellent work, means a lot too.
Mara Jayne M., New York, NY
I am thrilled with the outcome of the sale. I appreciate your professionalism in every part of the transaction - responding to my query, evaluating the art work, coming to my residence to pick it up, and then all you did to promote the sale. Your call two days before the auction was helpful and encouraging. I was prepared to have the works returned to me and delighted to discover that was not going to be the case. The fact that they both sold for more than the reserve is a tribute to your diligence in making sure they were seen and appreciated. Thank you! [View Lot]
Nina Krebs, Walnut Creek, California
I want to personally thank you for your excellent assistance in helping sell my recent consignments in the European sale as well as the Calif. American sale. I appreciated you highlighting the Wendt painting which eventually sold very well at auction. I also appreciated your including the Lockwood de Forest paintings for special viewing even though they were of lesser importance. I look forward to several future consignments with Heritage and with your continued guidance and expertise. Sincerely, William Levin, M.D.
William Levin, M.D., Beverly Hills, CA
We are pleased with the auction and sale results of the Lichenstein, Oldenburg and Cassigneul works. We appreciate your professionalism and candor, and are glad to have arranged the Wilmette meeting earlier this year.
Janet Marsh, Don Marsh
Wow; aren’t we lucky to meet you. Thanks for the great info and superior client service. The history of all of our art is my addiction. I have met (tracked down) two of our artists before they passed and had long correspondence with them. It is very rewarding to have these back stories.
Paul & Gerri M., New York, NY
It was a great pleasure to work with you. I have to say I am very pleased with the final results and Heritage Auctions service. I hope I can do more business with you in the future.
Philip M., Truckee, CA
I Googled Fine Art Auction houses, read through the various listings, and thought HA sounded like business. Your reply to my request for an auction appraisal was the most encouraging, comprehensive, and enthusiastic reply I got (and a got several). And my wife picked up on the general tone of your email and said let's go with them. Voila!
Robert M., New Harbor, ME
I was impressed with Carolyn Mani and her way of handling the consignment experience for me - always calm, polite and interested. [View Lot]
D.N., Beverly Hills, California
Four million for the football player painting is truly impressive and shows what good marketing on your part can produce at sale.
G.P., New York, NY
Consigning fine art can be a touch-and-go experience, but Alissa's knowledge and professionalism made my experience with Heritage a real pleasure. I am not only a happy first-time consignor, I will be returning! Thank you for the wonderful experience.
John Paul R., Chicago, IL
To Whom it concerns at Heritage Auctions, In going through my late brothers’ estate, I ran across coins and a painting. I had no idea where to go to sell the painting which looked to me like it might be valuable. I started looking for what the coins might be worth online and happened on “”, which seemed to be trustworthy to deal with. Their site suggested Heritage Auctions as a trustworthy, knowledgeable auction house. Heritage Auctions made it an effortless experience to go through the process of an appraisal. Alissa Ford, Director of Western & California Art, notified me quickly with clear instructions on what to do if I chose to auction the painting. I was nervous, this being the first time I had ever auctioned anything, but soon relaxed as Alissa was continually in contact about the whole process. But the best surprise of all came the last few days of bidding when everything began to move fast. I was very pleased with the results and with the professionalism of Alissa and Heritage Auctions! I will definitely auction with them again. Thank you, Phyllis
Phyllis R., Laramie, WY
Marianne Berardi was very helpful and professional. She communicated with us frequently and offered good advice and suggestions. We were most grateful!
Dennis and Mary Rains
I want to thank you,especially, and your entire team for the utmost professionalism demonstrated in last Friday's sale. While I regret my inability to personally view the work, you provided an excellent substitute for my not being able to do so, and I look forward to future Heritage auctions. While I previously had only experience with Sotheby's and Christie's, Heritage meets or exceeds the quality of service provided by these other institutions!
Allan Rappaport, Tiburon, CA
During the summer of 2013, we were introduced to Heritage Auction through the efforts of American Indian Art Specialist Delia Sullivan. She spent untold hours helping us sort and identify American Indian artifacts from the Valentine Pasvolsky collection. Ms. Sullivan proved knowledgeable, diligent and efficient in selecting items viable for the American Indian & Pre-Columbian Art Auction held November 15, 2013 in Dallas, TX. We were very impressed with all activities of the Heritage Auction staff to ensure a successful auction. We would like to extend our gratitude to Ms. Sullivan and her staff for making this such a beneficial endeavor.
Margie Royle, Lakewood, NJ
I''ve tried in the last few days to author the exact feelings which accurately convey what this experience means to me. Simply expressed, this journey with Heritage Auctions, and specifically you, has been a wonderful combination of decades-long hopeful expectation and emotion. To be included in an auction featuring 20th Century Masters was an honor beyond description. Your excitement to have my Millennium Falcon Cut-Away Art be a part of this amazing auction only made this experience all the greater! And to be included in this auction with John Berkey and Patrick Nagel, two legends in the commercial/traditional art fields, and two artists that I held in near reverence throughout my career, pushed this experience to heights that I wish I could put into words. I was also very honored to see that my Star Wars Cut-Away Art actually realized a final bid price in the top half of all final bid totals. I was overwhelmed. I want to thank Heritage Auctions, and you especially, for masking this dream come true.
I also must add that Heritage Auctions has a working organization that is head and shoulders above many of their competitors and you are the best of the Heritage bunch!!!!
Kathleen Guzman of Heritage (New York) coordinated the entire process from her initial preview of our bookshop with colleague Nicholas Dawes to organizing a professional team of packers for transporting everything to Texas; James Gannon who managed segregating our inventory into lots, creating catalogue entries, selecting photography and generating the catalogue; the organization of creating several promotional video interviews, mailing brochures; down to the actual day of sale where two excellent auctioneers sold 225 lots in nearly five hours of live bidding, then followed another 300+ lots sold via timed bidding over the internet. All told, the experience was awesome. Not only did I feel celebrated but also what we were selling was likewise celebrated and treated with the respect it deserved. Thank you, Heritage staff, for making this process fit so comfortably within our daily lives. My partner and I could not imagine more cooperation and highly recommend Heritage with the highest applause and congratulations for making this auction adventure such a manageable experience. [View Lot]
J.S., Kingston, New York
Thank you for being so courteous and professional. This was my first experience with a professional auction company and I could not have chosen any better. Heritage and Alissa treated my items with respect, everything that was agreed upon was done and done way beyond my expectations. Trust this auction company and especially Alissa Ford. They were both phenomenal. 
Jeffery S., Fresno, CA
The most positive aspect of our auction with Heritage was working with Marianne Berardi. She exhibited the height of professionalism. She is exceedingly knowledgeable about art generally and about Vik in particular. I was the point person with whom most interactions were carried out in preparation for the auction, and I must emphasize that Marianne was exemplary. She was responsive, organized, diligent, and above all as pleasant as could be wished to work with. Many Clevelanders have asked us, Why did you go with Heritage? Why did you have a Schreckengost auction in Dallas rather than Cleveland? There is only one answer to that; although we felt Heritage as a company was well equipped to carry off the auction, in reality we did not so much choose Heritage as we chose Marianne. It would indeed have been much simpler to work with a local auction house, and we had local options. But we never once regretted going with Heritage because of the pleasure and ease of working with Marianne Berardi. We could not commend her (and thank her) more for the job she did.
Virgene S., Milwaukee, WI
Wow! Congratulations! I have had a few conversations with clients and dealers and all are impressed with the sale and everyone recognizes the great job you are doing.
Louis M. Salerno, New York, NY
Consigning with Heritage Auctions was very easy and seamless. Everyone I talked to at Heritage Auctions was extremely helpful and friendly. Taylor Curry wa great. [View Lot]
Steven James Seeley, Berwyn, Illinois
Your Black & White photos are the best in the business.
D.U., Meriden, CT
My first experience with Heritage Auction was fantastic. I worked with Aviva in the American Art Department who sheperded my consignment from pickup to the sale with no issues along the way. I will totally consign again and I have great confidence that I made the right decision in choosing Heritage for my painting.
Beth W., Manhatten, New York
The consignment process at Heritage Auctions went very smoothly. It''s very easy to ship to, and I didn''t need to reframe any prints. [View Lot]
E.W., Sheridan, Oregon
Thank you for all that you did to make the auction sale of my silver and art glass consignment a tremendous success. From your initial evaluation, to the production of a stunning catalog, to the realization of prices well beyond my expectations, Heritage deserves high praise for a job well done.

During our initial meeting, your depth of knowledge and expertise inspired confidence, and made my decision to consign to Heritage an easy one. My confidence in Heritage was reaffirmed when I received the catalog in which my consignment was featured. The catalog cover was simply beautiful, the images of consigned items were of superb quality, and the auction lot descriptions clearly conveyed the important details of each item.

While I appreciated your professionalism and the quality of your catalog production, I was most pleased with the prices that my consigned items realized in your auction. Several highlights come to mind: a Gallé vase realized over $55,000, a tea set realized over $31,000, and a single silver spoon realized over $5,000! These prices greatly exceeded my expectations. I was extremely pleased with prices realized, to say the very least.

Once again, thanks to all at Heritage Auction Galleries for your excellent service, and most of all, for outstanding results.
H. W., Memphis, TN
First, I want to thank you for all of your work in getting all of those etchings and lithos sold. You helped me navigate unchartered territory and I do appreciate all of the work you put in to it. You are appreciated! Thankfully, all of the lots sold and it is time for new adventures. I hope all is going well for you and the auction you were working on last we spoke went as well as you expected.
Jamie W., Tulsa, OK
You have done a terrific job!  I am so pleased.  Thank you for your professionalism, it's been a complete pleasure dealing with you. 
Merti, W., San Francisco, CA
At my appointment, Heritage Auctions provided me with a mask and made me feel very welcome and accommodated me in every way - hats off! They ALL went beyond the call of duty to make me feel welcome - keep up the great work. [View Lot]
Gary Williams, Dallas, Texas
I recently sold a JBO Nordfeldt painting through Heritage Auctions. I love the price they got for the painting but I was also extremely impressed with their professionalism from start to finish. I contacted them about the painting that had been given to my father by the Artist more than 60 years ago. They had me send photos for evaluation and then accepted it for the American Art Auction May 7, 2016. They were very organized and had me drop the painting at their Gallery. A few months before the Auction we received a beautifully printed Auction Brochure that showed the painting to its best advantage. They sent me a link to the on-line bidding that preceded the live auction that was easy to use. The reserve placed on the painting was $3,000 and it was estimated to bring $6-8000, so I was thrilled and delighted when it sold for $12,000. I can highly recommend Heritage Auctions.
Shauna Y., Dallas, TX