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Press Releases
Vintage Bigsby guitar about to be auctioned off!
Oct 8, 2015
Outlet: BIGSBY® GUITARS & VIBRATOS - OFFICIAL WEBSITE the new owner of a 1956 Paul Bigsby-made guitar.  On October 24, 2015, Heritage Auctions will be offering this outstanding...

1,400 of Sylvester Stallone's Costumes and Personal Items Going up for Auction
Oct 6, 2015
Outlet: Robb Report Online

...appearance in the original 1976 Rocky movie. (Estimate: $75,000) Photo by Heritage Auctions In the climax of 1979's Rocky II, the...

Stallone's film props could fetch millions at auction
Oct 6, 2015
Outlet: Reuters Online end up at, but probably somewhere between 4 to 6 million dollars," Heritage Auctions consignment director Mike Gutierrez said...

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